Friday, July 13, 2007

HUH? What was that you said?

The music was so loud last night that it took me a while to get my hearing back.: 0

The reason for this temporary hearing loss was that my girlfriend and I followed the rest of the "Middle Aged Groupies" to the American Idol On Tour concert playing in Bham last night!!!

What can I say? We love that show and the talent it produces! ( Dave won us two tickets in a radio call-in contest!) : )

Anyway, the concert was held in our coliseum and was surprisingly only about half-filled. I guess that we are just so spoiled here in Birmingham in that the past tours have always had Birmingham people (two winners-Ruben and Taylor...and runner up-Bo Bice) to go scream for...but no top people this year. : (

And, talking about screaming...between the way-to-loud sound system and the screaming 13 year olds it was quite a night.

The coliseum is not known for its great sound last night proved once again. But, we still enjoyed the show. Ellen, my partner in crime, and I had pretty good lower level seats...and, of course there were several big screens to get a better view.

In my opinion the best entertainers there were Jordin (of course), Lakisha, Blake, Melinda and Phil. I was surprised at how incredible Phil sounded...he was outstanding and won the crowd's hearts when he leaned over from the stage and let a fan rub his bald head...(!)Lakisha belted out her song and left me with chill bumps...and Blake was definitely the crowd favorite with his incredible beatboxing. Jordin ended the show with three excellent sounding songs (still can't believe the pipes on that 17 year old girl!!) and I captured the last one for you on the following video:

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