Monday, January 26, 2009


Here's a new picture just in....Even Celia watched the inauguration and let her pride know....The t-shirt says it all...."O" (Cheerio) baa (sheep) and "Ma" (mother and child)... : )

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Off again....

"The perfect journey is circular-the joy of departure and the joy of return." D. Basili

I've got my 'to-do' list ready.

I am West Palm Beach bound at 6:40 a.m. I head away from the temperatures in the 30's and 40's and languish in temps in the 70's and 80's.

Much to do............more to come...


: )

Saturday, January 24, 2009

stringing beads and other inane things....

I have a million things to do today....yet I am sitting here stringing pink beads on a gold thread. I decided that my "outfit" for the Pink Party down in Florida needed a little jazzing I am making a fun necklace full of beads in all shapes, sizes and shades of pink.

I often wonder why I choose to do this nonsensical project right now with so many other things needing my attention?

Procrastination, I guess.


Today marks 6 years since Dave and I had our first date! We will mark this anniversary by heading to one of our favorite restaurants tonight. We will raise our glasses of wine and toast the miracle of two such incredibly different people maintaining a good relationship for this many years...sigh.


It looks like the suitcases will have to be brought down from the attic again as I will be winging my way down to Florida at 6:40 a.m. (yawn) on Tuesday. It is always a challenge heading down there in the winter months as it entails an entire wardrobe change from what I am wearing here in Bham. Sweaters to sleeveless tops....long pants to cropped ones....woolens to cottons...and, if I am really crazy brave...I may even throw in a bathing suit.



I Skyped (webcam) with Adam, Jenny, Owen and Audrey last night. Things are a bit crazy up there as Owen has strep throat...Audrey a mild fever....and Jenny, a bad cold.

You wouldn't know that Owen was feeling puny at all as he was running around...jumping on Audrey's big pink foam chair...and knocking himself and the chair over on the floor! Audrey was sitting on her Mom's lap bouncing up and down with glee.

In the meantime, I noticed that the temps up there are hovering around -20 wind chill...Maybe being inside so much makes for the release of much pent up energy?

And, to think that I will be up there babysitting the two of them in just a few weeks...

I'm glad that I take my vitamins daily...


Jeffrey, Janet and Celia are getting ready to head down to S. Florida, too. They will be doing the exhausting "S. Florida Tour" as they visit my family, my ex's family, and Janet's grandmother all in just four days!

While on the phone with Janet this morning, I heard Celia cooing in the background. Music to my ears....


Back to my stringing beads and then I really will be getting dressed and starting my day....soon.

I promise.


Friday, January 23, 2009

On my little soapbox?

This Maxwell House coffee ad really caught my eye the other day.

I know that it is referrring to not having a bitter-tasting coffee....but, I loved the emotional message that came through...especially right now.

There is so much turmoil all around us in our country and around the world...many people are experiencing financial losses like never before...we have had a "changing of the guard" in the White House...

...and through all of this, most of us are trying to be hopeful for the future.

But, I have noticed some extremes in people...especially in these last few days.

Many are looking ahead with such great hopes and aspirations that may not be totally realistic or achievable at this time...some are feeling a new spirit....some are cautiously watching and waiting...but, I am also hearing people who are looking for things to criticize and complain about. There are those who are possibly afraid of "change" and what it may bring. I am seeing a lot of cynicism about the future of our country and the possibility of there ever being peace in our world. I continue to hear anger that comes from the personal pain that many are going through. Many times this can all come across as caustic and harsh...and devoid of any positive energy.

The negativity creates a bitterness that continues to grow in these people...and, it makes me sad to see it.

So, when I saw this simple little advertisement, it really resonated with me.

...and I will continue to wish for a world without bitterness....just something to think about.

Have a positive day!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Birthday Queen

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Big party at my house last night as we all celebrated my dear friends 60th birthday! Lots of food and wine were served to the 30 women were played....cake was eaten....great night!

I'm pooped this will be a short post.

I have some vacuuming to do and, of course....some leftover cake to eat.... : )


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Dream For My Grandbabies...

"There are those who will say that the liberation of humanity, the freedom of man and mind, is nothing but a dream. They are right. It is the American dream." Archibald MacLeish

My prayers and best wishes go out to our new President on this historic day. My ultimate dream is for this world to be a safer place and that my children and grandchildren will get to experience peace in their lifetime....

"I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning." J.B. Priestly

Today feels like a new beginning to me as I am filled with hope, love, pride, and many new dreams.

God Bless America.

"Perhaps the rediscovery of our humanity, and the potential of the human spirit which we have read about in legends of older civilizations, or in accounts of solitary mystics, or in tales of science fiction writers--perhaps this will constitute the true revolution of the future. The new frontier lies not beyond the planets but within each of us." Pierre Trudeau

Monday, January 19, 2009

A time for dreams....

"Only as high as I reach...can I grow. Only as far as I seek...can I go. Only as deep as I look ...can I see. Only as much as I dream...can I be." Karen Ravn

I have felt emotional all day.

There is something incredible going on in my lifetime and I feel so fortunate to be able to be a witness to it.

Tomorrow afternoon Barack Obama will be inaugurated as the next President of the United States of America.

As a 60 year old woman, I have been able to see many Presidents take the oath of office...but, this time it feels so different.

This time feels full of hopes and dreams like I haven't ever felt before.

This time I look at this man of color's face and see possibilities for all people.

This time I feel a pride within me that knows no bounds.

This time I truly believe that change is coming.

This time I see a new spirit around the country unlike anything else before.

This time I see inspiration on the faces of our youth...many of them experiencing their first foray into politics and having meaningful conversations about the issues facing them in the future.

While I know that the road ahead for our newest President will be very challenging and difficult, I feel a confidence about him that gives me reason to feel encouraged and optimistic.

God speed on your inauguration day tomorrow, Mr. Obama...I wish you the strength, fortitude, and courage to do your very best as our 44th President.

You have my blessing.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I did it again!

A while back I tried to "healthify" a banana bread recipe and it came out like a banana brick.

Last night I tried the same thing with a pumpkin bread recipe...

As I cut into the still warm loaf, I could tell right away from the density that it was going to be another "brick".

After tasting this heavy, non-sweet bread, I realized my mistakes.

"Did you go by the recipe?" Dave asked.

"Yes," I said, "sort of".

Dave-- laughing and groaning at the same time asked, "What did you do to it?".

"Not much" I said.

Truth be told, I cut the sugar amount in half while using Splenda instead of real sugar and I used egg beaters instead of real eggs. Other than that, I followed the recipe exactly. : )

Lest these two (yes, two!) non-sweet loaves should go to waste, I decided to sprinkle the top of my piece with some powdered sugar.

Not too bad...for a brick...

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday stuff....

(Celine Dion concert picture from my cell phone)
Pretty cold temps here in the deep the teens yesterday and in the low 20's today. Many would disagree with me...but, I actually like it................for a while, anyway. (!)

I think that I feel that way because of having grown up in S. Florida where the temps are warm and mild all year round.

Now, a little snow mixed in with all of this frigid weather would really make things fun! : )


Celine Dion's concert Thursday night was quite glitzy and fun. What a voice! She can really belt out those songs...and, she is such a tiny, little thing. Pretty amazing.

The seats that Dave got were fabulous...and really made the show enjoyable. The fuzzy picture above was taken with my cell phone from where we were sitting....just to give you an idea of what it was like. The stage was in the center of the coliseum and Celine and the dancers, etc, moved around frequently so that everyone had a chance to see them up close. It was quite an event.


People continue to sing the praises of the incredible job that the U.S. Air pilot, Chesley Sullenberger, did in maneuvering his plane safely into the Hudson River. He sounds like he is calm, cool, and collected all of the time...just the type of person that one wants behind the controls of the airplane that you are on.

Not only is he a pilot who loves flying....he also knows all of the ins and outs of an airplane. He loves the "art of the airplane" and spent much of his life studying these incredible structures. It was probably this knowledge that helped him land safely in in this particular situation....Makes one wonder if all pilots should have more training in the actual composition of the plane? Maybe they do?


One of my new crowns is giving me a little trouble as I have had some off and on throbbing. I am crossing my fingers that a root canal is not in my immediate future...aaack. Especially not this week as I am hosting a rather large group of women over here in my home to celebrate my friend's 60th birthday Wednesday night.........Root canal wasn't on my "to-do" list...


I just looked out my office window into my backyard. The birds are happily eating at their feeder this morning. I saw that their supply was down last, I bundled myself up....and poured the seeds down the feeder tube...I figured that having food available in these frigid temperatures is especially important.

Motherly instinct, I guess.


Well, it is time to get this slow-moving body of mine onto the treadmill for my morning walk. It is waaay too chilly outside to walk...and, I am grateful to be able to still get my exercise inside. I'll put on the little tv down there....catch up on today's news....and get my day started.

I hope that you all have a good one!


Friday, January 16, 2009

Do You Believe in Miracles?

"When we do the best that we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life or in the life of another." Helen Keller

I am a white-knuckle, fearful flyer.

For those of you who follow my blog, you know that after years of flying, I experienced a rather rough landing in a storm on a flight home from a family reunion.....and this event caused me to have a fear of flying that became 'paralyzing' as the years went by...I went a long time without getting back on a plane...missing so many special life events.

It was a very difficult fear to get over.....but, about ten years ago I finally said "Enough!" and got back on a plane again...and, I haven't looked back since.

All of this being said, I have been glued to the television ever since the U.S, Air jet landed in the Hudson River yesterday. What an incredible series of events that led to, what can only be called, a true miracle!

No matter how many times I see shots of that huge Airbus jet floating in the water with survivors standing on the matter how many stories of heroism I hear....I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that everyone survived this horrific situation.

And, what about those pilots? They had to make snap decisions as their plane was becoming less and less able to fly. Thank God for their presence of mind at this crucial time. Every person on that flight owes their life to their quick thinking and skill.

Will this event make me fearful of flying again? I have thought about this question quite a bit since yesterday.

My answer is "No"..."it isn't easy to hold onto fear when one observes miracles all around us".

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My sister, Karen: A "Warrior in Pink"

"Each Warrior wants to leave the mark of his will, his signature, on important acts he touches. This is not the voice of ego but of the human spirit, rising up and declaring that it has something to contribute to the solution of the hardest problems, no matter how vexing!” Pat Riley

On January 31, my "baby" sister Karen will be one of the eight breast cancer survivors being honored at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in West Palm Beach, Florida. During the survivor ceremony at the race, these "Warriors in Pink" will lead the thousands of breast cancer survivors as they approach the stage to be recognized.

I am so proud of her and all that she has accomplished since being diagnosed with breast cancer nine years ago this month.

Karen is one of those unique individuals who brings so much light into the world. You can feel her spirited nature just by being around her. She is in constant motion as she puts her special "mark" on so many things.

Karen doesn't just live her life....she celebrates it every day! If you are lucky enough to be a part of one of Karen's will be amazed at the creativity and heart that goes into everything that she does. It is always such fun to be around her....she never ceases to surprise and delight those people who's lives she has touched....and, she has touched so many.

I am so grateful that she is a nine year survivor...and I am blessed and proud to have her as my sister.

See you on the 27th, Kar! I can't wait to celebrate with you... : )

Karen's "Smallest" Warriors

Another one of my sister's, Sherri, (who is also incredibly creative and giving) made sure that her two grand-nieces, Audrey and Celia, joined the cause! What a wonderful legacy it would be to find a cure for breast cancer during my granddaughter's lifetime.....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

etc. etc. etc.

Interesting day, today.

The highlight of the day was going back to the dentist to have my temporary crowns replaced with permanent ones. Not really fun...but, two down...two more to go.


The good news is that American Idol has started it's season again. I am such a's pitiful. But, there is something about an "unknown" winning this title and becoming a star that just gets to me.

I like it best when they get down to the finalists...but, this part of the journey is fun, too.

I dont even answer my phone between the hours of 7-9. Crazy, eh?


Ok. So the temps are hovering around minus 20 something in Minnesota. I called my kids to see how they were doing. Adam's words to me were: "Why would anyone live here?". It does make one wonder....Bundle up, my darlings.


I'm having a 60th birthday party here in my home in a week for a close girlfriend. I am busy getting it together....but, it is joyful to me to be doing something for this special friend. The party will be from 5-7 (girls only!) and will be for drinks and hors d'eurves. She loves that will be part of the evening, too. More on this later...


I just received my t-shirt from the Susan Komen walk that's in two weeks down in Florida. I added some pink bows and the words "Karen's Warriors" in honor of my sister, Karen, a 9 year survivor. I can't wait to fly down there and celebrate her nine years!


Freeze warnings here in Birmingham tonight. The newspeople are warning us to get ready and make the necessary preparations. I covered one of my outdoor faucets with towels to keep it warm...and I just got out my warmest jammies. Hopefully, I have done enough and will make it through these frigid temps unscathed.


Dave and I are going to hear Celine Dion tomorrow night. First we will go to our traditional eat-before-the-show place...and, then on to the show. Stay tuned for the critique on this one...



Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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Marley & Me

It's a beautiful story of love.

It's honest in its storytelling.

It tells the story of the "world's worst dog" who brings out the best in this young family.

Of course, I am talking about the movie, Marley & Me.

Understandably, some of the story was diluted when the wonderful book by John Grogan was made into the movie...however, I do think that a lot of John's humorous outlook is still captured in the film version.

I know that it was 'panned' in our local newspaper...but, I have to disagree with what was said. I found it heartwarming, funny, and filled with so many parts that I could relate to.

I am more of a cat person than a dog person...and, even though the main thrust of the story is about Marley, a is the love of a pet that resonated with me.

I loved Marley's neuroses. I loved that she was a bit crazed "spirited"! : )

I related to this young family as they went through the trials and tribulations of not only raising this exuberant dog...but raising children together....and all of the challenges that come with that time of our life. It brought back a lot of memories in me of my days as a stay-at-home-mother thirty plus years ago.

I could well up right now just thinking about it.

Need a good cry?

Go see Marley & Me...and, bring tissues.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Is this logical?

“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.” Dale Carnegie

Dave is pretty much always logical.

I am not.

He sees things as absolutes...very black and white.

I see the shades of grey.

He has an organized mind and can work things out mathematically.

I am very scattered and work things out emotionally.

Dave likes to get right to the 'bottom line'.

I like to linger and talk things over (and over...and over).

Dave likes to solve things.

I like to analyze everything.

So, what are two very different people who care deeply about each other to do? How do we balance out these unique traits that we both possess?

One of my friends mentioned the 'men are from mars, women from venus' yada yada stuff that we all know....but, she also brought up the 'left brain', 'right brain' functions. That piqued my

I looked into those theories today and found that it describes our differences completely!

Here are some of the characteristics of each part of our of which is dominant in each of us:

Right Brain (me) ***Intuitive, led by feelings ***visual, focusing on images, patterns ***process ideas simultaneously ***see the whole first, then the details ***like to know how you're doing something or why rules exist(reasons) ***enjoy touching and feeling actual objects (sensory input) ***listens to how something is being said ***listens to what is being said ***talk with your hands ***impulsive**make lateral connections from information ***fantasy based ***presents possibilities ***imagination rules.

Left Brain (Dave) ***analytical, led by logic ***process ideas sequentially, step by step ***likes making lists and planning ***plan ahead ***work up to the whole step by step, focusing on details, information, organized ***spelling and mathematical formulas easily memorized ***enjoy observing ***make logical deductions from information ***likely to follow rules without questioning them ***likes order ***reality based ***forms strategies ***facts rule.

According to these theories the right brain 'uses feeling' and, the left brain 'uses logic'.....which brings me right back to where I started this post: Is this logical?

So, at this point Dave would be asking, "Don't you see all of the logic in this? It is as clear as day and night." and I would be saying "Let's talk about how this makes us feel and appreciate the many possibilities."

Right? : )


Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Path --Part Two

The "path"is finally finished...

A little more digging around in the mud....a few more roots ripped from the earth (grrrr)....throwing around some mini-bark chips....and voila...I can finally put away all of the tools...and stop running upstairs "neckid" (Southern for 'naked') : ) after stripping off my "covered-in-dirt-and-mud" clothing!

I hope that everyone had a peaceful Sunday...


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Loved this!

This gave me a smile today as Ben and Jerry announced their newest ice cream flavor of the month. It is butter pecan and it is in honor of President-elect Obama and his "Yes, We Can!" slogan.

He is coming into office with a lot on his plate (or in his bowl if you want a pun!)...I only hope that his Presidential term goes as smoothly as Ben and Jerry's ice cream.... : )

Friday, January 09, 2009

Oh! It should only be true....

This morning I found out how long I have been calculated to live!!

By answering several lifestyle, health, family, nutrition, etc. questions, my projected life span age was computed on this free website.

It told me that I should expect to live to the ripe old age of 97 ! (woo hoo)

Sounds good to me...Want to try it? Here is the info and the URL to go to.

"The Eons Longevity & Life Expectancy Calculator, developed in cooperation with Dr. Tom Perls, a world-renowned longevity expert, uses the most current and carefully researched medical and scientific data to estimate how old you might live to be. It asks 40 quick questions related to your health, lifestyle and family history, and takes about 10 minutes to complete. Once you finish it and register on Eons, you'll receive your average life expectancy, plus personalized advice for living longer and healthier. "

Or, if you want to skip signing in to Eons...try this site:

Good luck! : )

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Driving home from doing errands this afternoon, I was touched by a bumper sticker on the car ahead of me.

We were on a very busy stretch of road and I could only read part of it before traffic began to move again.

Now, normally I would be hoping for the lights to work with me by being green all the way down....however, because I wanted to get closer to this car's rear bumper to finish reading the sticker...I was actually hoping for some red lights.

Of course, wouldn't you know it? The lights remained green for most of the way home! Luckily, right before I had to turn off, we hit a red light and I was finally able to get close enough to read the whole thing. Here it is:

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Time to build an Ark?

Well, the Alabama drought is officially over.

We have had torrential rains here for the last few days and now many places are dealing with flooding.

It seems to me that Mother Nature is a bit confused. Menopause, maybe? : )


My little dental work turned into a bit more than I had anticipated. I had some issues with bleeding around one of the temporary crowns.

After one miserable night, and a visit back to the dentist early yesterday...all seems to have quieted down for now...

Two down, two more to go...then I get to figure out how to pay for all of this fun...


My friend, Sharon, has started up her blog again after a year hiatus. I'm glad that she did in that she always has something interesting to say and I missed reading it while she took a l-o-n-g break. If you want to give her a visit, go to:

Tell her that Grammie sent you...


I had planned to take a cute little casual pink top and use a glue gun to place lots of pink "Breast Cancer Awareness" ribbons on it to wear to the "Pink Party" that my sister is having down in Florida at the end of the month. However, after finding out that she is possibly wearing a fancy, schmancy pink dress and the party will be at her Country Club....I have put my glue gun away.


It looks like I am hooked on "The Bachelor" again. It is such a silly show. I can't believe that I am actually confessing to being a fan.

He is an awfully cute/sweet guy though...and, I do hope that he finds what he is after: true love. (?)

Ah, dating and mating modern style...


I have so many things to do...yet I sit here posting to my blog!


....another addiction.

Have a good day! (Since starting this post...the clouds have thinned out and the sun is starting to shine! Hallelujah!)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Time for some updated pictures.....

"A grandmother is a person with too much wisdom to let that stop her from making a fool of herself over her grandchildren." Phil Moss

(Grammie and Celia)

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(Audrey and Owen in their matching froggie pj's)

(Celia-4 months)
(Audrey-almost 7 months)
(Owen-2 years, four months)
(Audrey and Owen)

Monday, January 05, 2009 - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

The Novocaine's wearing off....

What a fun day. (sarcasm intended here)

I had a ten o'clock dental appointment that didn't end until after 12.

Two old crowns were removed and there was a lot of crunching and drilling and probing and scraping and tapping and air-blowing and water spraying..and suctioning.....etc.....the dentist (who is also my friend!) did so much work that it felt like he was building a condominium in my mouth. But, he did a great job and I left there with two temporary crowns in my still-numb mouth.

Oh, to go back in time and take better care of my teeth as a youngster! Of course, we didn't have the benefits of flouride back then...and I loved sweets! Hopefully, my grandkids may never have to know what it is like to have fillings or crowns...How nice for them.

Even though I couldn't feel my mouth...I went out after my appointment to do a few errands. It was strange trying to talk with a numb tongue! When I tried to ask a saleperson a question, she looked at me oddly...probably wondering if I had been hitting the bottle for an early morning nip.

Of course, now that the Novocaine's wearing off, the throbbing is beginning.So, I will end here and go take a couple of Advil's and have myself a little personal pity party.

: )

Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Path...

(partially finished pathway to the shed--note: the large piles of roots strewn on the side)

"Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence.” Henry David Thoreau

Ok. If you are thinking that this is going to be a spiritually deep and insightful post are waaaay off.

This is the story of my new little pathway to my shed. (deep, eh?!)

Batting my eyes and speaking in the softest, most appealing voice that I could garner, I said to Dave yesterday: "Honey, how about if we make a path to my shed so that I can get to it without getting my shoes all dirty and muddy?"


"It doesn't have to be anything fancy," I continued, "just a few of those little concrete squares placed here and there."

Well, I guess that the eye batting worked, because he agreed to do this "little" project with me.

So, off we went to Home Depot where I picked out 15 terra cotta concrete squares for my new path.

Now the fun began.

What I didn't realize was that laying a path wasn't just a matter of throwing them down on the dirt and voila! the path is made. Instead, Dave let me know that we needed to dig down into the dirt for each one and get it seated properly in the ground.

So, the digging commenced.

What neither of us had realized before starting this little project was that the chosen path was filled with a multitude of large, far-reaching ROOTS below the surface!

Dave used a hatchet (!) and began to chop away root by root. It was incredibly strenuous work trying to cut these roots away. If we didn't get them all out, the square wouldn't seat properly. I had the job of using the claw tool to get the dirt mixed up and level...and inevitably I continued to find more and more roots for Dave to chop.

There was also a huge sheet of strong black plastic that we had laid over the ground 25 years ago to keep the weeds from sprouting up. This, too, had to be cut away before we could get to some of the earth below...and, of course, this removal exposed more roots!

What I haven't mentioned is that we recently had a pretty good rain and the ground was still pretty soaked and muddy. So, there we were--- the two of us-grunting and groaning-and, getting totally covered with muddy dirt.

We worked until the sun went down and we could no longer see what we were doing out there...(thank heavens for the respite!!).

As we got into the garage, I closed the door, looked at the two of us covered from head to toe in mud and said, "OK, strip down before stepping into the house!". There was no way that all of that mess was going to be spread into my downstairs room. So, there we were, stripped down to our skivvies and laughing our weary heads off as I began to load the washing machine in hopes of reviving our mud-stained work clothes.

We tried to finish up this afternoon, but it ended up raining on us before we could get the job, it will have to be put off until another time. I never imagined that this little project would become such a huge one with an exorbitant amount of work; leaving us both sore and achy today and realizing that we might be getting a bit too old for this kind of manual labor!

Something a bit disconcerting did occur to me a little bit ago. If we Dave chopped up all of those roots, does that mean that I will have killed off all of the shrubs in that area of my yard?

I guess that we will know more when Springtime arrives this year... : O

Saturday, January 03, 2009


Have you seen the commercial for the "Snuggie: The Blanket That Has Sleeves"? This wrap-around fleece blanket promises that you will stay warm from head to toe! It is "made of super-soft, thick, luxurious fleece with oversized loose fitting sleeves, so shoulders, arms and upper body remain protected from the cold but arms and hands are free to use your laptop, TV remote, read a book, talk on the phone, eat a snack and much more. Snuggie Fleece Throw won't slip and slide like a regular blanket and allows complete freedom of movement. As the temperature drops, you can keep your heating bill low and stay warm and comfy with your Snuggie Fleece Blanket. Ideal for staying toasty warm at sporting events or chilly outdoor evenings. " It shows men, women and children all wearing it while they are doing a myriad of things. The men look like Monks while they are wearing it...but, they all look so happy...and, one is tempted to say "Wow, how clever! I should run out and buy one!"...until you realize that a jacket or sweater could serve the same purpose and not be open in the back like this is! It makes me laugh every time that I see it on tv... Check it out!


I continue to wonder what exactly is in my Smart Balance spray butter? If you look on the back of the container is has zero fat, zero sodium, zero calories, zero cholesterol, zero carbs, zero anything. So what is it? Yellow water? I spray it on my food with reckless abandon...while having absolutely no idea what it actually is!?!?!

If I start 'glowing' one day, you all will know the reason...


Talked to Mom yesterday. She really put me and my friends to shame on New Year's Eve. It seems that she had a few people over at the "Home" that night for a little party. While Dave, Sharon, Gary and I struggled to make it past 11 p.m.....they all stayed up past midnight! These are people in their mid to late 80's.

Maybe one gets renewed energy once they pass 80 year's old? Or, maybe they just can't sleep so staying up isn't really much of a stretch.

Whatever, I'm envious.


I'm thinking "pink" this month as I prepare to head down to Florida at the end of the month to walk in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure with my youngest sister, who is a cancer survivor. I will be joined by my other two sisters and Mom... as we show our support and celebrate her 9 years of being a survivor.

The night of the race she is having a "Party in Pink" at the Country Club near her home....and, we are all supposed to wear (you got it...) pink. I'm so looking forward to this will be here before I know it....I better start looking for that pink outfit! : )


Well, there are going to be a lot of unhappy people walking around Birmingham today. Alabama was defeated by Utah in the Sugar Bowl last night as the "Tide" got "Rolled". People were having Sugar Bowl parties all over this city in anticipation of Alabama having a big win.

Oh dear.

In case you didn't know...we take our football very seriously here in the South, Y'all...


Oh no! The T.V. ears failed to work last night...which meant that we went to bed with the television sound on. Hopefully, they just weren't fully charged and they will work tonight....I have really gotten used to having Dave wear them as I drift off to a peaceful sleep...Cross your fingers...


It's a rather gloomy, grey, rainy day here in Birmingham...but, have a bright and sunny one wherever you are! XOXO

Friday, January 02, 2009

Resolution Review

I decided to check out my 2008 New Year's Resolutions to see how many I had actually kept. It's not looking too good.

1. Laugh more. Yes, I am definitely doing that one! So far so good.... : )

2. Read more books and less magazines. Nope...can't seem to put those magazines down...and don't ever feel like I have the time for a whole book. Thus I have about seven books started....maybe 2009 will mean that I will finally find out the endings!

3. Attempt (again) to seriously learn signing for the deaf. Disappointedly, no.

4. Dance. a wedding or two.

5. Eat less chocolate. You have got to be kidding! Those of you who follow my blog know the answer to this one...not even close. *sigh*

6. Add some other exercises to my morning walking routine. Is eating an exercise?

7. Stop trying to "save the world from sadness". Still trying...

8. Do a better job in my backyard gardening come springtime. OK. An attempt was made on this one.

9. Entertain friends more often. Ummm....another 'nope' but the desire is still there....does that count?

10. Treat myself to some pampering now and then. ...and, another 'nope'.

11. Do more small random kindnesses for people that I don't know. Yes, I have done this one...

12. Stay in touch with out of town friends on a more regular basis. A little better regarding this one....

13. Try not to take things personally. Who me? Are you talking to little old sensitive ME? Fogetaboudit.

14. Eat smaller portions. HA HA

15. Do something that is out of my comfort zone. At my age, everything feels out of my comfort zone!

16. Increase my pottery income. Income? What income?

17. Be better organized with my paperwork. Yes, yes, yes.

18. Spend more time just "being". Another yes.

19. Learn how to meditate. OHMMmmmmmm......(nope)

20. Take time off from being a caretaker. Are you joking?

21. Continue to visit family every chance that I get. One look at my Visa account airline ticket charges and you will find out the answer to that one! Definitely, YES.

22. Learn more about the people running our government. With it being an election year, I would have to say, "yes"..I did that.

23. Only go to the grocery store once a week and follow a budget. What is a 'budget'?

24. Learn to bake homemade breads from scratch. nope....not yet....but, I still want to...!

25. Resolve to act on my resolutions... OK, stop least I am being honest.

There's always 2009!!!!

What I really think about Resolutions...

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Five-Star Dinner

As usual, we headed over to Sharon and Gary's for our annual New Year's Eve celebration....."old people style". That means that we make it a goal to be able to stay up until 11 o'clock when the ball drops in New York on Eastern Time (we are on Central Time)! Believe me, it is a struggle!

Pitiful, eh?

Gary cooked us all a delicious meal and I overheard Dave telling a friend this morning that " was a five-star dinner"! And, it was.

After some hors d'eurves and select wines, Gary began to sear some jumbo scallops and shrimp. He placed them all on a bed of Basmati rice and drizzled it with a mixture of balsamic vinegar and blood-orange infused olive oil (try saying that ten times quickly) Mmmmmm...

The main course consisted of beef tenderloin with a dijon mustard rub, garlic mashed potatoes that I am still dreaming about, and white and green asparagus. Delish.

Red wine was now opened and consumed until we sat down for coffee and a homemade dessert that Gary concocted that was like a chocolate mousse with crushed chocolate mint cookies and sliced bananas. I'm not a "pudding" person...but this was a great taste sensation!

We then decided to play a game to help us stay awake (I told you that we were pitiful!), we got out Upwords. It is like Scrabble but you can layer the tiles to make words on top of words. Things were going fine until Gary tried to do the word "oye" and questions arose as to whether it was a word or not. Sharon and I were sure that it was the word spoken at the beginning of a trial..."Oye, Oye (Hear Ye, Hear Ye), Court is now in session!". Dave hadn't ever heard of it....but, laughingly we let Gary have it because we were beginning to be ready for the game to end! On the way home, Sharon phoned me to let me know that Dave was right....and that the correct spelling was "Oyez". Live and learn, right?

Between the wine and the delish dinner...tiredness began to really set in and we began to get slap happy and giddy. The last ten minutes or so of the game seemed to be torturous go on forever as the clock began to wind down to 11 p.m. The countdown commenced....and the ball finally dropped! Happy New Year to all!!! Kisses and hugs for a wonderful 2009....and then off we went back home.

It really was a lovely and fun evening...filled with great laughs and friendship and delicious food.

Who knows? Maybe next year we will take naps earlier in the day and actually make it up to midnight!?!???!!!?

....Nah.... : )

1) Our Grand Chef.....Gary

2) My friend and partner in crime for over 30 years, Sharon..... and me

3) Gary wearing his glow-in-the-dark-teeth! Scary.

4) You wouldn't know it by the picture...but, these are glow-in-the-dark glasses on Sharon...!