Monday, August 31, 2009

Visual overload....

This is so Dave!

("Zits" comic)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday muffins and tea

Ah, Sunday.

Rainy, drizzly Sunday.

The perfect day to make some homemade coffee cake muffins, pour myself a cup of (peppermint) the Sunday paper from head to toe...challenge Dave to a Jumble contest (he always gets the puzzle finished way before I do) the USA team win the Little League Baseball Championship...and, just be lazy.

I hope that your Sunday is just as nice...

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Peppermint tea


There, I said it.

It is one of those great jokes that our bodies play once every once in a while...

Now, I don't know if it is still a side-effect of the Boniva pill that I took on Monday (I'm blaming everything on that whether it is true or not!)...but, it is definitely an issue right now.

So, I did what any sensible "cyber chick" would do....I Googled the word to see what the experts suggested for relief.

Peppermint tea was high on the, I had Dave pick some up last night on his way over here for dinner.

I am not really a fan of flavored teas...but, this was do or, I made myself several cups of hot peppermint tea and drank it down. It was actually kind of nice.

I have to did kind of help the first issue...but, it also gave me a touch of heartburn.



It looks like another exciting Saturday for me and Dave.

He played golf this morning with the guys while I created pottery pieces here at home.

Now, we are getting ready to watch the semi-finals of the Little League World Series. The team from Texas will be facing off with the team from California. The winner will play the team from China tomorrow afternoon for the championship game.

Then, after dinner, our Boggle tournament will continue. Dave is ahead right now by one game, so I need to win tonight.

All of that excitement and a couple of glasses of wine...the thrills just keep on coming! : )


My Minneapolis kids will be moving into their new home on Monday! As you can imagine, they are crazily trying to pack everything up while keeping Owen and Audrey entertained.

I can't wait to see the sounds a lot roomier than what they are in now...and, the neighborhood supposedly has a lot of young families in well as a good school system.

Most importantly is the spare bedroom downstairs reserved for grandparent visits...



I had to laugh when I heard Dave singing "Happy Birthday to You" while washing his hands today.

I had mentioned to him last night that handwashing was so important these days and that the CDC suggested that you wash your hands long enough to sing one or two verses of Happy Birthday.

Well, maybe it wasn't the CDC...but, someone on the news did make that statement.

It was probably a mother.

: )


The rain delay is over and the Little League game is getting ready to start. Time to pour the wine....

Friday, August 28, 2009

Chef Owen

While looking through some pictures this morning...I came upon this little series of photos and couldn't resist posting them.

I wasn't there, but, apparently, Jenny and Owen were doing some baking together.

I love the look of delight on their faces in the last frame.

Missing grandbabies today....

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Did Sally Fields feel like this???

I took the once-a-month Boniva on Monday. Yesterday afternoon, I was achy and feverish along with a not so happy stomach...I called the doctor to see if it could be one of the many side effects of the pill.

"It could be that...or possibly the start of the flu," she said. "We will just have to wait and see what develops in the next few days...and/or, when you take the second Boniva next month. Please keep me updated."

Well, this morning the fever is gone but the stomach is still just a bit uncomfortable...leading me to believe that this just might be from the pill.

Now, in the Boniva commercials, Sally is always happy and perky and doesn't seem to be having any side effects from the pill.

How did I get so lucky? *groan* : (


I talked to Owen for a minute this morning. He sound soooo grown up!!!! He is with his other grandma, Mimi--the other half of the "Screaming Greemies" as we are known. She flew up there to help out while the kids are working, packing, and finding themselves with the day care taking a couple of vacation days.

She prompted Owen tell me: "Mimi needs you, Grammie!". It made me smile and laugh as the two of us do so well together...we absolutely adore each other and have so much fun when we are up there with the kids at the same time. I would love nothing more than to be there with her... babysitting those two cuties.



Feeling a little sorry for myself last night, I decided to make a little bowl of "quickie" chicken noodle soup. Since I didn't have the time or energy (or a chicken) to cook it from scratch, I took a couple of chicken bouillon packages, mixed them with water and added a touch of garlic along with some parsley and cooked it together on the stove for a couple of minutes. I added a ton of noodles to it...and, that was my dinner.

I love any kind of, truth be told, it was mostly noodles with a little chicken broth...just the way I like it. And, it served its purpose as a definite comfort food.


Well, I am going to take this cranky old body of mine and try to get some pottery done today. xoxo

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Oh, I must blog about this...."

(Garfield says it all)

Now that I have been long-time blogger (since June, 2006!), I find that so many things in my life have changed.

I look at the world so differently now in that every sight, every experience, every event, every thought, becomes fodder for my blog.

When something special or unusual...or even mundane...occurs, one of my first thoughts is "Oh, I have to put that on my blog today!". When I am with friends at special events and have a camera with me, I am immediately asked:"Is this going to show up on your blog?". I assure them that I will get their permission first before posting their picture, unless, of course, I look really good in the photo! (ha ha)

In all seriousness, I do find that I am more aware of my a good way. I notice the little nuances of life more often...and, I express some of my deepest thoughts that might not have surfaced had I not started this blog. Many times I find the writing so cathartic and helpful in finding my way through my own journey. By expressing my thoughts in my posts, I sometimes learn things about myself that I may not have realized prior to writing.

I am hopeful that, many years down the road, my children and grandchildren may know a little bit more about me through my blogging words. They will have the opportunity to see many facets of me that they may not have realized before. It is a little compilation of the world as seen through my eyes.(..and, sometimes, my rose colored glasses!) I am hopeful that someday my words will serve as a legacy of love for them and the rest of my family and friends...

Certainly there can be a downside to all of this...but, for me personally, I haven't experienced it as of yet...and, hope that I never do. : )

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So apropos.....

As I opened up the kiln this morning, amongst the still -hot pieces of pottery that I had fired yesterday afternoon...there sat this lid to one of my little boxes...split open into two pieces...

The box itself that the lid was made to fit on had the lettering hand-painted on it to spell out frustration, stress, angst, etc. etc. in one simple word: AACK!!

...and, that is exactly how I felt when I saw it!

Monday, August 24, 2009

As I sit here gulping down 8 ounces of water...

...I am continuing to read the instructions for taking once-a-month Boniva. You must "Take it first thing in the morning at least 1 hour before you eat, drink anything other than plain water, or take any other oral medicine. Take Boniva with 6-8 ounces of plain water....after taking wait at least one hour before lying down...etc. etc"


Another joy of aging.

This is my first dosage of this "bone-building" medication that the doctor prescribed after my bone density test showed that I am at the high end of the osteopenia range. Hopefully, this will keep me from eventually getting full-blown osteoporosis.

In the meantime, I am reading all of the possible side effects and waiting to see if any of them kick in. It is so silly to read these things in that our minds take over and we begin to experience every last one of them! I must stop doing that...

I'd rather focus on the fact that cute and adorable Sally Fields is the spokesperson for this product...and, maybe I will end up looking like her if I continue to take it... : )


Mom had a not-so-good trip back home to West Palm Beach after a nine day stay in Skaneatalas, NY with one of my sisters. Before getting all the way through security, she was frisked by a female attendant. Strange that they would pick an 86 year old woman to frisk...but, then stranger things have gone on in the security areas of our airports. The wand kept going off around her waist area, but they couldn't figure out what was setting it off. They finally figured out that it was a brass plate on her belt so they turned it around and all was good. What an ordeal that was for her...

The plane took off from Syracuse around 11 a.m. and headed to Philadelphia for the first stop. There she was faced with a several hour layover...but eventually got back on a plane heading home.

However, there were some very bad storms in the West Palm Beach area so they had to circle around for an hour and a half while waiting for the storms to move on. Now, at this point in the story, Mom insists that the plane was in the air...but, not moving. I said to her that unless she was on a helicopter, I doubt that this huge plane was hovering above the ground! I then asked her what she had to drink on the plane! (Of course, she didn't, but I felt the need to ask!) : O

She said that as the people were getting a bit edgy and anxious, there was this little 2-3 year old boy who kept making loud statements like: "Are we going to Mars?!" etc. I am sure that this did a lot to keep everyone calm...(!!)

The plane was diverted to Ft. Myers where they sat on the plane waiting for clearance to take off again as well as refueling. You know that all of that "hovering" used up a lot of gas...heh heh

Anyway, Mom finally arrived home around 9 o'clock that evening. L-O-N-G and exhausting day for her......but, glad that she arrived home safely.


Dave and I have started a little "Boggle Tournament" of our own for the last two weekends. (How's that for an exciting Saturday night?!) For those of you not familiar with Boggle, it is a word game where 16 (four-sided) lettered cubes are shaken in a closed box until they settle in a space. The small hourglass timer is turned over and you must write down as many 3 letter and above words that you can. The words can only be made from letters that are touching each other in the cube and cannot be used more than once.

Points are awarded for the words made according to how many letters you have used. It is interesting to see the different words that we each come up with. Dave laughs at me as I try to sneak in words that I have totally made "yo" for instance. I make him look them up in the dictionary just to be sure...and, have even found a few of my made up words to actually be in there!

We are both pretty competitive...and so far we tied the first weekend...and then he beat me by 8 (measly) points this past Saturday.

I'm planning on a victory next weekend. So, watch out Davey boy!


As I stepped outside this morning to get the newspaper, I was delighted to feel the coolness in the air. The dew was cold on my toes as I walked on the grass in my flip flops. Humidity levels have dropped and it feels so great...I'm not sure how long this will last, but I can tell that autumn is getting close.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Sssh...don't tell Owen....

....but, he is going to be getting this shiny new red bike for his birthday!

One of the many perks of being a grandmother is picking out special gifts for the grandkids.

Owen will be turning 3 (when did that happen?!?!?)on September 1st and has pretty much outgrown his, the grandparents all got together to purchase him a new two-wheeler bike complete with training wheels and, the all important bicycle bell!

Adam took him to a bike shop recently to have him unknowingly try some different size bikes out. This was the one that he fell in love with...but, he has no idea that it will be his...arriving on his actual birthday adorned with a big ribbon. Adam has promised videos of that day...since I won't be able to head back up to Minnesota for this occasion.

Oh, the memories that I have of bike riding when I was a little girl! I can still remember that wonderful feeling of freedom as I rode around the neighborhood with the wind in my face...sometimes quickly taking my hands off of the handlebars in a daredevil moment. If I was going downhill there was nothing better than to lift my legs off of the pedals and put them out to the side as I glided down the street.

I can also recall putting playing cards in between the spokes so that my bike sounded like a motorcycle. Such fun. And, what about those colorful streamers that would hang from the handlebars? Having a basket to hold all of your biking "necessities" was also so cool.

Ah, to be a little girl again...but, how nice to be a grandma knowing that my precious grandson will be starting to make his own bike memories soon... : )

Get that helmet ready, Owen!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The mystery is solved....

The beautiful flower arrangement that I found boxed and sitting outside my front door yesterday was sent by two very special people in my daughter-in-law's brother and his wife. After calling FTD and realizing that it came from Chicago (FTD florists will not disclose names but, in a roundabout way the gentleman hinted that my thoughts about Chicago were right) I put the "A" and "B" together and immediately called the two of them.

Yes, they did it. And, no, it wasn't a mistake. It was one of those "just because".

How nice was that?

Aren't they lovely?



I spoke with my mom this morning and she is having a wonderful time up in Skaneatales, NY (pronounced "Skinny-atalas".....or as we call it, "Skinny" for short) with my youngest sister, Karen.

They are staying in my sister and her husband's beautiful second home up there and I am insanely jealous. : )

I have been invited...but, have been spending all of my traveling money and time visiting, I am enjoying it vicariously through Mom.

The weather has been lovely, especially the low humidities in comparison to S. Florida's sweltering summers.

They have been to shows like "No, No Nannette" in one of this quaint town's local theaters...and today they are going to see "Chorus Line". Yesterday they went to a wonderful art show filled with all kinds of pottery. Now, that I am really jealous of!

But, in all seriousness, I am so happy to know that Mom is relaxing and being taken care of in such a special way by my sister. She goes home Saturday, and I know that it will be hard for her to leave...


I guess that crossing my fingers and toes did help for my MN crew. They have now moved another step closer to buying the home that they fell in love with. The issue was an old furnace...and, the seller has now agreed to put in a brand new one. I'm so thrilled for them.

Obviously, when living in Minneapolis, a reliable furnace is of huge importance!!



Dave will be here tonight and I have a huge little list of "honey-do" things for him to do for me.

Shhhhh....please don't tell him.

: ) Have a nice day, everyone!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

While walking on my treadmill this morning....

I had the television on one of the morning shows and there was a segment about friendship between two people of the opposite sex. The question was, can you stay "friends" without the relationship going further than friendship?

Most felt that it was impossible to do. I have mixed emotions about this question in that I have had some wonderful male friends through the years and there is nothing quite like it. Hearing things from a male perspective can be very telling and informative.

I absolutely adore my girlfriends and, heaven knows, they have always been there for me...and they can see things from the same viewpoint that I have-as a woman. However, that being said, since men are wired so differently (understatement!) it always proves interesting to hear things from another view.

One of the problems encountered with having male friends is that most of their female partners have an issue with the friendship and question its intent. And, I would think, vice versa...thus, not making the positives about the friendly relationship worth the drama that it might cause at home...and, that is a shame, but understandable.


Talking about friendship...the next time that someone questions why I am writing a blog, I will bring up how much larger my sphere of friends has gotten since becoming a blogger.

As I was heading into the shower this morning, I got a delightful call from the other end of the United States. It was an incredible woman that I have gotten to know through our blogs and emails. We connected immediately and became "instant friends". Even though we are separated by distance and 20 years (me being the older.... and wiser one...ha!!) we had exchanged phone numbers at one point.

Putting a voice to her written words was pretty amazing...she sounded exactly as I expected she would. She is a mother, I am a mother, she is divorced, I am divorced, etc. etc. Mainly, we are just two women trying to do our best every day by doing the right things and making our way through life's rough times as well as we can. We just somehow found ourselves connected in this vast cyberworld out there.

Lucky us...


Good news! I carefully opened the still hot lid of my kiln this morning...looking down nervously, lifting the pieces and shelves out with protected hands....and, all of the pottery pieces were intact! Phew.

Now I will put the clear overglaze on them and put them back in the kiln for another firing and the finishing touch. Seeing the thrown bowls come out okay encourages me to try my hand at wheel throwing again. It is a nice break from the hand-building, even though I am still more comfortable with the latter.

Isn't it crazy that a grown woman still gets excited (after 15 years of doing this) when nothing explodes in the kiln? Go figure.


Today was "beautifying" day for me...and, boy did I need it! My grey roots were sprouting all over the place and my hair had gotten too long and, I went in for an overhaul....or, as I called it, "The Works". : )

The cut, total color, highlights and a purchase of some shampoo and spray and my piggy bank is feeling a whole lot lighter these days.

But, hey, you can't put a price on upkeep, right?


Upon returning home this afternoon I found an FTD box at my front door. Inside was a vase and a gorgeous floral arrangement. The note inside was absolutely lovely and signed with an A and a B.

I believe that I know the couple that it is from...but I haven't quite figured out what I have done to deserve this wonderful surprise.

What a nice mystery...

More tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

While eating my multi-grain Cheerios....

My thoughts over breakfast this morning were mostly about the sadly beautiful funeral service yesterday for my friend's father. The four grandchildren all got up and spoke about their "Pop Pop". They told personal stories about this wonderful man and the gifts of love that they had each received from him.

To sum up the personality of this man and to add a little levity to the service, as the pallbearers walked the casket out, a recording of the deceased singing and playing his ukelele was played.

I have a feeling that is exactly how he would have wanted his funeral to end.


I just loaded my kiln with the now-painted bowls that I did on the wheel a few weeks ago. Some of them were a bit thick and heavy, so I will be anxious to see if they all make it through this firing. Since I mostly hand-build my pottery, throwing on the wheel was a new experience for me. I will have to wait until morning to see how it all turns out...Cross your fingers that there aren't any "blow ups" in the kiln! Stay tuned.


I am finding that being 60 seems to mean a real slowing down of my thought processes. It is so frustrating when I can't seem to find the right word for something that I am trying to express...for example: the other day when I met some of the Girlies for lunch the conversation got around to my pottery. I was attempting to tell them about how I had made cardboard cut-outs of some of my patterns to trace into the flat pottery. For some reason I could not come up with the word for those cardboard cut-outs...and neither could they! It seemed that the harder I tried, the more difficult it became.

Following lunch, we headed to see a movie. I found myself searching for the word throughout the movie! Aagh.

When the movie ended and none of us could think of the word, I actually called one of my (younger) sisters while we were still sitting there in the theater (kind of like a "call a friend" lifeline on the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" show). I figured that she was younger and probably had a clearer mind!

She did. The word that I was searching for was "template".

You can bet that I won't forget that one again.

template, template, template....


Well, my Minnesota family is still in the process of trying to buy a new home. Bless their hearts, they have had a time with it all...but, hopefully, things will be moving in a positive direction soon.

The good news is that they have sold their present home.

The not-so-good news is that they have to be out of it by the end of this month...and, as of today, they still haven't solidified the contract on a new home.

Between the crazy home market, appraisals, inspections,etc. nothing has been easy.

Crossing my fingers for them today as the furnace in the possible "new" home is going to be inspected again.

Actually, I might even cross my toes today for a little extra good luck!


The hot topic today in the news seems to be about our First Lady wearing shorts while getting off of a plane.

C'mon people, can't we find more important things to discuss right now???

It's hot, she has great legs, and do we really care so much about her wardrobe? Grrrrrr.


Off to my studio downstairs to get to work....XOXO

Monday, August 17, 2009


I went with several friends last night to the home where my friends and their family were gathered to mourn the loss of their father, grandfather, husband, uncle, and great-grandfather....

We were there to help serve the family dinner, clean up...and give hugs.

Walking into the house I couldn't help but notice the sweet sounds of family. The three great-granddaughters (all under 6 yrs. old with the youngest being 21 months) of the deceased were running around doing what they do best...being children. They were a constant reminder that life does go on for the living...and that the memories are to be cherished and celebrated.

Photo albums were around where we could look back through the years that this man lived...and lived, he did. He was always full of exuberance along with his zest for life...and, he will be greatly missed by his family, friends and community.

The connections that we make in life are of utmost importance. We are there for each other in the good well as the not so good times. We remind each other that we are not alone in this great big world...and that we always have a soft place to land when necessary.

I watched the family members comfort each other as they times laughing about some memory that brought them joy. I was taken outside by the daughter of the deceased where I was shown the incredibly beautiful backyard...including the fig trees where the accident took place. We walked down a path beyond the figs to a haven where an inviting double swing was sitting. "This was my dad's favorit spot," she explained. "This was where he found his peace."

While I have been close friends with the son and daughter-in-law for 30+ years, I only knew their dad from special family occasions and other community functions. I loved hearing stories about this bigger-than-life man...all the while realizing how we both loved many of the same things. It was then that I knew the real reason for the connections that we make in life. That is how one's true legacy is passed on...

At one point near the end of the evening, the three great-grandchildren turned on their tiny little cd player and began to entertain all of us by singing and "dancing" to the music of High School Musical. As I left the house that night, the rain was starting to fall outside...and, I couldn't help but wish that their great-grandpa could have seen them perform.

But, then I thought........ maybe he did.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mike And The Mechanics - Living Years


I am saddened today by the passing of a dear friend's father a couple of days ago. He was a vibrant 87 year old who was picking figs for his wife to use in her preserves when he fell. His face was cut and bruised by the fall, but he was unaware of something even more insidious going on. Because he was on a blood thinner, he ended up having bleeding on the brain from the impact of the, a stroke.....all proving to be more than his 87 yr. old body could handle...and he eventually passed away.

In my sadness I began to think about my own father's passing a couple of year's ago. Hardly a day goes by that I don't think about things that I would like to have said to him....things that I would have liked to have asked him....things that I would have liked to have done with him...

Ironically, a long-distance friend of mine sent me three youtube videos this morning. He is a dear friend from my high school days who I reconnected with at my class reunion. He sends me videos every once in a while of old groups and songs that I might enjoy....and, I do, thoroughly enjoy hearing them and remembering...

One of the videos that he sent today really resonated with me. The lyrics became even more meaningful in my present state of mind. For the first time I really paid careful attention to the words and it brought up a lot of emotion for me.

The basic premise of the song is to connect with the people in our lives "in the living years" before they are gone and it is too late.

Sensitive words with a powerful message.

So, go and tell someone that you love them today.... : )

Saturday, August 15, 2009

School Daze

Remember those school pictures that we have all taken year after year?? Well, now they even do them at daycare. Before we know it they will have those fake backgrounds set up at the hospital when the babies are first born. You know the ones that you get to pick from like a cowboy scene, a farm scene, a sunset, etc. etc.

With that being said....much to my delight, Jenny and Adam sent me a copy of the kids most recent pictures taken at their daycare.

How cute are they?!

But, I had to laugh when I saw the fake beach background that was used...and how they have Owen sitting on the "sand" surrounded by shells.

Nothing like a beach photo to keep you warm during those unbearable Minnesota winters!

P.S. Jenny told me that Audrey wasn't real happy about having her picture taken and had cried a bit right before...thus, the serious look on her face... She still looks adorable to me! : )

Friday, August 14, 2009

Julie, Julia, and Me

I took some time away from my pottery yesterday to go see the movie, "Julie and Julia" with a couple of girlies...and, I am so glad that I did. Not only is it great to take time out to be with girlfriends to chat and laugh together, sharing this movie with them was such a nice way to spend the afternoon.

Even if you just go to see Meryl Streep's amazing portrayal of Julia Child...go see it. And, like one of my relatives said to me, "Don't go hungry" in that there are some mouth-watering foods in the film.

For those who may not know, the movie is based on the book written by Julie Powell that was taken from her blog. (note to all of you bloggers out there---a book deal may be in your future---be careful what you write!) Julia's book, My Life in France, was also part of the inspiration and adaptation.

Julie was in an unfulfilling dead-end job and decided to commit herself to cooking all of the recipes in Julia Child's cookbook, The Art of French Cooking, while documenting the whole experience in her blog. Of course, her journey becomes a lot more than just cooking...she also learns a lot about herself and life in general.

One of the first dishes that she prepares to conquer is Julia's Beef Bourguignon. I was smiling to myself thinking back very early in my marriage when I was a slave to my red-checkered Better Homes and Gardens cookbook and I attempted to make this dish. Of course, I just called it "Beef Burgundy"...but, the basic ingredients and procedures were the same...brown the beef, cut up the veggies, add the burgundy wine and braise for hours on end. Mmmmmm.

(Those early days were when I wasn't quite as concerned about all of the red meat and butter that we consumed. Things are quite different now as I do try to cook and eat more healthily.)

After the movie ended my friends and I just stayed seated in the theater chatting about it all. They teased me a bit about my blog and said that I should post a recipe or two every once in a while. This, they thought, might increase my readership some. It sounded like a good idea....

So, girlies, this one's for you! : )

Aunt Selma's Unbelievably Tender and Delicious Beef Brisket

Sprinkle a whole beef brisket with the seasonings of your choice such as garlic, pepper, paprika.

Brown on each side with a little olive oil in a pan on top of the stove.

When browned, place in a large cook pot that can be used in the oven. To this add cut up onions, carrots and peeled and chopped potatoes. (I also like to add fresh mushrooms....and fresh garlic cloves can be used instead of dried garlic powder.)

Sprinkle an entire package of dried onion soup mix on the top of the beef. Next spread a bottle of chili sauce over that and blend together. Finally, pour enough Coca Cola (diet coke works just as well if you are watching your calories) over the whole thing to almost cover the veggies.

Cover tightly and slowly cook in a 325 degree oven for about 2-3 hours. (Your house will smell wonderful as it cooks!)

Remove from oven when tender and let sit for a while as it cools down.

I like to slice the cooled meat, put it back into the gravy, and serve it the next day. You can eat it right away....but, there is something delicious that happens to it when it sits in the refrigerator overnight. (Plus, as an aside, this allows any fat to rise to the surface and solidify-- making for easy removal and a healthier dish. Also, since I don't eat red meat anymore, I have made this same recipe with chicken-----delicious!)

Open up a bottle of wine...and, enjoy! : )

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today's quiz?

Can you tell what President Obama is trying to do in this picture??

Here are some choices:

1.) He is showing his warm fuzzy side by giving the Chief a big hug.

2.) He is trying to get a free room at one of the Chief's many casinos.

3.) He is squeezing him until he promises to vote for his re-election in 2012.

4.) He wants the beautiful headdress.

5.) They are doing an ancient tribal dance together.

5.) He is befriending him so that they can smoke a little peace pipe together later.

6.) He is apologizing for America's unfair portrayal of the Indian population in the early Western movies and tv shows.


In reality, our President is reaching around the headdress of Chief Joseph Medicine Crow to place a 2009 Presidential Medal of Freedom around his neck on Wednesday, August 12, during a ceremony in the East room at the White House.

The President seems to be enjoying it....but, the Chief? ....not so sure!! : )

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ode to a Bubble Pack

You look so innocent as you sit on the display at the store-

But getting to your product takes strength, patience, and so much more!

There's not enough money----not enough wealth...

To figure out how to open you up by myself!

The products look nice behind the little plastic bubble--

But getting to these items may not be worth the trouble...

I try so hard to get to what's underneath.

I rip at you and cut you up while gnashing my teeth!

So, I ask for your help whether you live far or near...

Can't someone come up with a better packaging idea?


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A letter to Celia....

Dearest Celia,

I am still smiling as I think about our short time together just a few days ago...and, I am still wishing for more time to sit on the floor and just watch you walk and play and coo and giggle and explore.

You have this way about you that is hard to define, but your presence makes people around you just feel good. It is almost magical.

Maybe it is those tremendous, gorgeous light grey eyes of yours that are always wide open with amazement. You observe the world around you with such delight from the tiniest blade of grass that you hold tight in your tiny little hands to the biggest toy that you pick up and try to carry around. I sat outside with you one day and watched you hold on to a minuscule flower without ever letting it go as you continued to explore the world outside your door. Those few moments alone with you were some of my very favorite times we had together...

Everything that you pick up goes right into your, dirt, wood chips, toys, etc. When you are given real food to eat you seem so intent as you pick through the cut-up items to find just the ones that you want to have. You can spot a Cheerio a mile away! Amazing.

I love the little noises that you make before the food gets to your mouth...and, oh, how you open that sweet little mouth so wide when a spoon with something delicious on it is coming your way! You remind me of a little bird being fed by its mother...

I loved watching you proudly walking around....losing your balance....plopping down momentarily....and, then, popping right back up again. Once you started walking there was no turning back. Crawling seems almost passe' to you now as you busily maneuver your way around.

I am always pleased to watch your mommy and daddy with you. They are such naturals...and make it very clear that they are absolutely smitten with you! When one of them enters the room your face just totally lights up with joy! And, one day I know that you will come to appreciate all of the care and thought that they put into bringing you up. They make sure that the food that they serve you is not only tasty...but, fresh, homemade and healthy. And, you are growing up in an eclectic neighborhood where you will learn to appreciate differences in people with tolerance, acceptance, and compassion.

Celia, your smile is a gift that you give to those around you. Your beautiful eyes close a bit, you crinkle your cute nose and little dimples on each cheek begin to show as you break out into your "Celia smile". It is is delicious...and I miss it, and you, so much already...

I can't wait to see you again soon.

In the meantime, please know how very much I love you,



(Papa Dave, Grammie and YOU!)

Monday, August 10, 2009

My boyfriend has a new girlfriend...

I knew that it had to happen sooner or later.

After almost seven years together, Dave has his eyes on a new "woman".

What's a girl to do? She is young, adorable, smiles a lot, doesn't talk back, flirts incessantly...and gives him lots of really cute looks.

And, her name is Celia.

Yes, it is true. While Celia is in that stage where she is a bit apprehensive about new people approaching her right now (including me....!)...she immediately took to Dave. As soon as she saw him--a huge grin came across her face. She would walk over to him with her arms outstretched and he would delightedly lift her onto his lap. And, of course, he would look at me beaming with pleasure at this new little love of his life.

She did okay with me at first as long as Mommy or Daddy were nearby. By the second day of my visit, she would play with me in the room without parents around...but, the attention that she gave me couldn't compare with the grins that she gave "Papa Dave"!


**(truth be told, it really made me smile...but, don't tell Dave that!)

"Hi, Papa Dave!" : )

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I will see this gorgeous face.....


More....."peas". : )

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I painted these wooden letters and hung them in my studio to keep me inspired as I work ..and, sometimes the message is just what I need to get motivated.

Lately, however, I have struggled a bit as I find myself needing a little push to get down there and get started.

The other day, I decided to try and throw some clay on my pottery wheel. Since I am a hand-builder, this is not something that I am adept at...however, about 13 years ago I did take a course that included wheel, I thought that I would give it a try just for a change of pace.

(My trusty old wheel covered in clay dust...)

Throwing on the wheel has a rhythm of its own. You start with this lump of clay, wedging it to remove all of the air pockets and bubbles before placing it on the center of the wheel.

Probably the most important part of wheel work is the centering of the clay. Without being centered you may end up with a very wobbly piece...if it even makes it through the throwing process. I have to admit that this is my least favorite part of throwing. The wheel begins spinning. (On my wheel I control the speed with a foot pedal.) You squeeze the clay up with the insides of your hands and then push it down while exerting great pressure. At this point, your elbows rest on your knees so as to give you better leverage. It can take a lot of muscle at this stage!

Once it is centered and the wobble is (hopefully) favorite part begins. By pushing down into the center of the clay with both thumbs you make an opening for your creation. I decided to just experiment with some little bowls so as not to push my luck.

As the clay is whirring around and around you slowly put equal pressure on the inside of the piece as well as the outside and carefully make your way up the clay. The lump now has the beginnings of walls.

I find this so relaxing as the clay slowly begins to take form in your fingers and you continue to bring it higher and higher. I love the calming feeling of the wet clay gliding under my finger tips and beginning to thin out. I keep rewetting the clay with my nearby sponges so that it will ease my ability to stay in control of the piece.

That description above is for the very best scenario. The reality of my experience was that sometimes I got it shaping up only to have the whole thing collapse on me. Because a few pieces weren't centered exactly right...I also had a few situations where the clay got so wobbly that it got out of control and flew off of the spinning wheel. Needless to say, I was covered in wet clay by the time that I finished!

However, when all was said and done, I was able to produce a few bowls...I added some funky legs or ball feet to them...incised them with some texture and put them on the shelf to dry. Here they are in various stages of drying....

They are certainly not perfect by any means....but, when they dry I can begin to paint them and add my own creative touches.

I am back to my hand-building today, but, I do believe that I will attempt the wheel again soon.

Of course, it might do me some good to take another lesson or two so that I will really know what I am doing. : )

2 more days

Let the packing begin!!!!
Look at this cutie...
: )

Monday, August 03, 2009

Three more days.....

...but, who's counting???? : )

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

4 days and counting....

(Celia, Janet, and Jeffrey)

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Grammie's coming..... five days!!!!!!

(get ready, Celia!) : )