Monday, July 31, 2006


Winding our way down the road to the beach yesterday, we ran into some torrential rains along the way. Navigating our way through the rapidly forming puddles, my friend's car felt like a boat as the water cascaded up over the sides of the car. But, we didn't let that deter us from talking and laughing the whole way...knowing that our destination was getting closer and closer.

There is something about arriving at the coast that puts one's body and mind into a complete relaxation mode. I could feel it coming over me as I entered my friend's beautiful condominium and settled in with the Girlies.

Conversation is always flowing when we are together...we never seem to run out of things to talk about...and, that is a definite perk in going away with 'the girls'. I'm not sure that men can ever completely grasp this female ability to just sit and talk for hours and hours...without coming up for air...

We went out to a little neighborhood restaurant for dinner and it was great! Three of us ordered a 'wine flight' where they bring you four different wines to taste. The glasses sit on a sheet of paper describing each wine and giving the name. Of course, you can always purchase the bottle to take home if there is one that you especially enjoy.I thought that it was a lovely way to experience some different and unique wines.

Back to the condo....and more talking until almost midnight. You might think that we would have covered everything by now...but, this morning we picked up right where we ended last night.

While the sun was out this morning, a few of us headed down to the ocean where we sat under the umbrellas, relaxed, and yep, talked some more.....

Well,I've got to go...I am missing some of the conversation going on in the next room! : )

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Believe it or not, I am finally packed and ready to go to the beach!

I will, hopefully, be able to post on my blog while between sunning, eating, relaxing, drinking wine, eating, chatting, laughing, eating, swimming, shopping, playing games, eating, walking on the beach, watching the sun set over the ocean, and, did I mention, "eating"? !!! : )

See you soon.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Everything but the kitchen sink....

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I will be heading to the beach tomorrow for a five day "Girlie Trip"...(ahhhh) I can't wait! These getaways always prove to be not only relaxing, but full of laughter. Of course, some of the funniest parts of travel occur before I even leave...If you could see what I pack, you would think that I was going to be on a remote island somewhere instead of in a rather large coastal city surrounded by all of the necessary amenities.

I don't know what happens to me when I go through this ritual...but I am suddenly packing for survival! I take enough first aid supplies to make the Red Cross aids, Neosporin, bug sprays, hydrogen peroxide, knee braces, sunscreen, "too much sun" aloe vera products, lotions and potions galore, etc. etc. I am ready for anything!

Then there is this thing that happens where I like to have "choices" in my clothing..again, just in case....Maybe a cold front will suddenly appear on the Gulf Coast in the middle of the summer and I will need something with a sleeve...or, it may be sooo hot that I will need to change clothing several times a day...or.....? I question whether I will need something a little dressy...or just casual clothing? So, I pack both. Walking clothes, bathing suits, cover-ups...the list goes on and on.

And, what about shoes? I wouldn't dare go away without enough shoes for any occasion! Then there is the issue of a few extra purses to coordinate with the shoes.

And, don't forget the hats for my morning walks as well as straw hats in all shapes and sizes for the day on the beach.

Now, I can't go away with the Girlies without packing some games: Scrabble, Uno, card games, and, lest we forget, Boggle. Whether we actually play them or not is irrelevant. I am prepared!

Oh, and I must take my laptop and all of the necessary cables with me so that I can continue writing in my blog while I'm away.

I pack my knitting and lots of extra yarn....I take magazines galore as well as a couple of books-one deep psychological read that will make for great introspective conversation with the Girlies...and one fluffy beach book.

Oh, and the food! Homemade goodies always taste better when you are away....I'll pack some fresh fruit....sandwiches for the five hour car ride....bottled water and, of course, the wine. Don't let me forget the wine! Last, but not least, I will be packing my own bed pillow. I try not to go anywhere without's like taking a little bit of 'home' with me.

I think that is everything.....I'm exhausted......are we there yet?

Friday, July 28, 2006

Gripes, Part 1

OK. Enough of the sweetness. : ) Today I am going to vent a little and list some things that really get to me... so hang go my "Gripes, Part 1"

1.) High humidity

2.) Getting home from a grocery shopping trip and finding: broken eggs in the carton, rotten places on your fruit, smashed fresh bread.

3.) Coming home from the grocery store and finding that you have forgotten the thing you went in there for!

4.) All of those subscription notes that fall out of magazines when you are reading them

5.) Perforations that don't 'perforate'.

6.) Prejudice

7.) Wars of any kind

8.) guns

9.) When low fat foods taste like something major is missing (like flavor?!)

10.) Movies that end abruptly leaving you clueless.

11.) Reality Results Shows that fall on the same night, same time!

12.) Finding out that the program you thought that you were taping didn't actually tape

13.) The Jerry Springer Show

14.) Any show that makes the contestants eat bugs or lie in beds of worms or snakes.

15.) Infomercials that keep saying, "Set it and forget it!"

16.) When pieces of my pottery blow up in the kiln

17.) Losing a signal in the middle of a cell phone conversation.

18.) When someone's cell phone goes off in the middle of a play or movie.

19.) Meanness (is that a word?)

20.) Hazing of any kind.

21.) Second-hand smoke

22.) Computer glitches

23.) Hurtful words

24.) Children's beauty pageants

25.) Paper cuts (ouch)

26.) When the power goes out.

27.) Abusive people

28.) Service people who don't show up when they say they will.

29 .) Bargains that turn out to have hidden costs.

30.) Alarm clocks

31.) Spilling red wine on a white outfit.

32.) Lawyer advertising on tv.

33.) Quarreling.

34.) Finding something way in the back of the refrigerator that has been forgotten and is now growing green hair.

35.) Going online and finding that all of your emails are advertisements.

36.) Losing an earring.

37.) Losing a sock in the dryer.

38.) Weeds.

39.) Jellyfish and other unpleasant things found in the ocean (like sharks!).

40.) Tongue piercings.

41.) Muscle men who can't even put their arms down at their sides because of their bulging muscles.

42.) Pulling away the husk and finding a worm in a fresh ear of corn.

43.) Not being able to sit in the sun anymore without slathering on tons of sunscreen.

44.) Poison ivy that hides in a healthy bush

45.) Having a bird fly into the glass in my sunroom.

46.) Barking dogs late at night or very early in the morning.

47.) Being put on hold and then having your phone answered by a voice prompt

48.) Having the volume on the tv go way up when a commercial comes on.

49.) Political signs in the medians of public highways.

50.) People who gripe!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Buddha, your bed is ready!

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As we get closer to Buddha's due date (Aug. 30!!!!!!!!), Adam and Jenny have been busily getting the nursery ready. The two of them painted the walls a pretty pale blue to go with the colors in the baby animal motif on their bedding accessories and linens. They are going to convert the built-in desk to a changing table and Jenny is toying with the idea of painting some animals on the wall above it. Of course with 30 extra pounds out in front of her right now, I'm not sure that painting animals will be high on her list!

Excitement! Buddha's crib arrived the other day and Adam got busy putting it together. I related a true story to him about when he was about to be born and his dad and his dad's father put his crib together. They did a great job but, unfortunately, built the crib around my father-in-law... trapping him inside!! The whole thing had to be lifted up so that he could get out. It seems as if the next generation had no problem putting together's his son's crib...and it is now set up awaiting Buddha's arrival. I guess that all of this means that they are really going through with this whole 'giving birth' thing, huh?! I'm going to be a grandma soon! I am stifling a little scream of delight right now... : ) Posted by PicasaHappiness is excitement that has found a settling down place, but there is always a little corner that keeps flapping around. E. L. Konigsburg

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pippi Longstocking

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Dave affectionately (I think!) calls me "Pip", "Pippi", or "Pipster" because he feels that I have a lot of Pollyanna-ish characteristics. I do agree that I love and appreciate the simple pleasures in my life....and I do tend to have a lot of enthusiasm and passion....

However, I can also have my down moments and occasional feelings of gloom and doom when 'reality' hits me hard. These times don't last long....thank heavens.

He says that while he sees everything in black and white....I see everything in colors. I guess that is the artist in me, but, in my opinion, it is a great way to see the world.

Thus, I say, "What's wrong with that kind of outlook?" So what if I spend my days with a little bit of a rose-colored haze around me? Is it really a problem to try to find the good in people instead of seeking out their dark side?

Call me crazy but I honestly don't see anything wrong with bursting into song at the most inane times... I would rather spend my days being kind to people around me and making them feel good. I love the positive energy that I derive from that. Hugs are priceless to me as well as a simple smile.

I get so much pleasure in this incredible world around me....or, as Dave calls it, "Pipdom". Agree?....Welcome to my world.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

July 25, 1942

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64 Years of love

The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret. Henny Youngman

Mom and Dad celebrate their 64th Anniversary today! In this "throw-away" world that we live in now, that is quite an accomplishment. Has it always been easy? Of course not, but they have honored their commitment to each other, handled the challenges together...and ended up with wonderful friendship, caring companionship, and a rich history that has spanned 64 years. This history includes four children, four grandchildren...and a great-grandchild on the way!

Mom and Dad now have a lovely rhythm to their lives as they have grown up together and know each other so well....They could probably finish each other's sentences (actually Mom usually does!)....

Having each other as life partners becomes even more important as they are both in their 80's and facing new sets of challenges.

In a recent newspaper article about the two of them, the reporter asked Dad, "What is your secret to a long life?". Dad's answer was, "...moderation in everything, be kind to people, and treat everyone with respect, especially your wife. Mine's laughing out loud at my answer now!"

Maybe having a sense of humor is the most important ingredient in a long, happy marriage. Mom and's to many, many more years of love, laughter, and joy. Happy Anniversary!

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Monday, July 24, 2006

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Time flies when you're having fun...

Between too early and too late, there is never more than a moment. Franz Werfel

Why is it that the older one gets, the faster time goes by? I used to feel like I had all the time in the world but now I feel as if I can hardly get enough done before the day is over.

I remember as a youngster thinking how slowly time moved....but, now in a blink of an eye it is another day....another month....another year....I am a certified baby boomer "Senior Citizen"! My "little" boys are now men with wives of their own...I am about to be a grandma.....I am starting to use phrases like: "In my day we didn't have......." and "You're only 70? How young!" I am reading my AARP magazine and enjoying it... as everything in it is relevant to my life now! When I fill out forms, my age is in the last category....usually 50 and up! All of my doctors look like kids and I am old enough to be (gulp) their mothers!....

Today I heard that Diana and Charles' wedding was 25 years ago?! How did 25 years pass me by so quickly? And, it seems as if the neighborhood kids were just let out of school for the summer....but the stores are already advertising their "Back to School" merchandise! What's the rush?

Time is a precious commodity and as I get older it becomes even more so. I want it to slow down so that I can savor every minute of it before it passes me by. I've got to go....I don't want to miss another moment of it....

Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity. Hours fly, flowers die, new days, new ways pass by, Love stays. Henry Van Dyke, Katrina's Sun Dial

...just a comment about comments

If you read my blog you may noticed that I have had to delete several comments. While it still shows as a 'comment'...when you click on it the message will read: comment deleted....This post has been removed by the blog administrator. While it sounds a bit harsh, there was a good reason for this action. It was the result of being a victim of 'comment spam'! Because of that, I have also had to make it harder for spammers to get through to my blog by adding 'word verification' to my comment page as well as having you sign in before you leave a comment. I love to get your comments and I really hate having to add those limitations, but I was told that this was the only way to avoid spam comments in the future. I guess that with all of the progress that we make in this new computerized society....there are still some people out there who try to abuse the system. While we can't change the behaviors of others, we can get on the defensive to make their misuse of the system more difficult. And, that is all that I am going to COMMENT on that.... : )

Sunday, July 23, 2006

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cables and wires and boxes, oh my!

Today was one of those days that was spent trying to hook up various and sundry electrical items around the house. Dave is the mastermind with this and I am, basically, the tool holder and voice of encouragement. Every once in a while I come up with something that actually helps...but, this is a rarity.

After my very old television in my bedroom died, I bit the bullet and purchased a small flat screen TV and joined the rest of the world by embracing the newest technology. Immediately following the demise of the TV, my videorecorder started to eat my tapes. So, this, too had to be replaced. Seems simple enough, right? Wrong! Four visits back and forth to Best Buy (I think that they know me by name now) and I finally have the correct working pieces set up. Of course, we then find out that there are some other cables that we need in order to get a high quality picture as well as picture in picture (which Dave loves so that he can watch two shows simultaneously--it's a guy thing!), back to Best Buy to purchase some more "things".

Back home we run into another problem. It used to be that we could put the cable box and the VCR box on top of the old, cumbersome (but wide) TV's. But, that's not happening with this new ultra slim flat back to Best Buy to see if there was something that would hold the new TV and allow us to put the two boxes safely under it. We walked out of the store with two items to try. Needless to say...neither of them worked! So, tomorrow I will be heading back to return these items and see all of my 'buddies' at Best Buy....

Finally, it dawned on me to try using a board from my closet (my sweaters are now sitting on the closet floor!)...and Dave came up with the idea of putting my kiln stilts on the corners to hold it up...and, voila! it worked. We should probably patent our idea and try to recoup some of the money spent on these new items.

Hours later we find out that one of the cables has now locked up the TV and we can't get a, now we are spending time on hold listening to loud, obnoxious music, awaiting a TV technician to help us out. As I am typing this, Dave is still waiting for a human voice to connect to his call....Me? I'm heading downstairs to watch one of my little old TV's that isn't so complicated.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Today was another opportunity for me to share some "grandparent joy" with friends, Sherri and David, as their grandson, Oliver, was in town from Atlanta. What a cutie! Mom, Lovisa,and Dad, Cary, happily share this little angel when they are here. I am so envious that they live in such close proximity and can get visits in quite often. It is pure heaven to just sit and watch him go from activity to activity....such energy! And, he had already gone with 'Poppy' to the scrap metal yard, the fire station, and the swimming pool....and, it wasn't even noon yet! I bet that 'Poppy' will be taking a little nap this afternoon when Oliver goes down for his! I came to visit this time with my camera in tow so that I could get some new pictures of Oliver. Of course, everyone was prodding him to smile for the camera. The more we tried, the more he kept from smiling. We said, "show your petty teeth" and "say cheese"...all to no avail. Then we tried to get him to put on the hard hat and protective glasses that he had gotten...but, he wasn't going to have any part of that either. It was as if he was letting us know that he was cute ,adorable, and absolutely precious just the way he is. And, you know what? He was right. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 21, 2006

34 Weeks....and growing!

May your life be like a wildflower, growing freely in the beauty and joy of each day. North American Proverb

I so look forward to these bi-weekly photos of my Jenny's ever expanding belly...I must admit that when I saw this one today, I thought, "How much bigger can she get?!!". She is such a tiny girl and little (little?) Buddha seems to be starting to take up a lot of room these days. I may need to start calling him "Big Buddha"!

With all of the changes occurring in Jenny's body these months, one thing is for certain....she continues to glow! What a beautiful mama-to-be.

Some of the natural anxieties are just beginning to occur and she and Adam are handling them all with such grace. (When you are carrying around a living being inside of you, it can be quite challenging to say the least!)

Good news at the doctor's appointment yesterday....everything was looking 'perfect'. Next appointment in one week. I can't wait. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Jenny and Adam's dog, Oscar, awaiting Buddha... Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Posted by PicasaA sunset in Costa Rica....

Fearful flying.....

As I sat here making several plane reservations for some upcoming trips, I amazed myself at how far I have come in that regard. For so long, flying was out of the question for me...

Many years before, as a child, I flew those old, noisy, prop jets all of the time and loved every moment of it. I have fond memories of sitting on the plane by the window and being amazed at seeing the 'little tiny houses' and the miniature swimming pools in the backyards of the 'little tiny houses'. And, then the plane would climb above those clouds to a sea of beautiful, blue sky..... incredible!

As I got older and had kids I thought (and worried) more about the possibility of things happening to me. I also had a rocky flight home in a storm one night returning from a family reunion and became a little shell-shocked. Unfortunately, once a fear develops, and the longer that you go without facing it.....the worse it becomes....until you are paralyzed by the very thought of getting on a plane. That was what occurred to me. It was really heartbreaking as I found myself missing out on many family events. Once I even took a 2-day train ride on my own (who else would be crazy enough to do it with me?) from Alabama to New York for a birthday celebration for Mom. It was torturous, but I was determined to get there.

To try and combat the fear, I read books written by pilots, listened to relaxation tapes.....while hearing people tell me over and over and over again that "Flying is so much safer than driving!" (aaagh)...nothing helped. I finally had to do it on my own...

When I turned 50 I said to myself, "no more!" and got on a plane again. I was uncomfortable the whole flight...but I did it and survived! Once I got that maiden voyage under my belt it seemed to get a little easier each time after that. So, now I am flying quite often....I have even received a couple of free tickets for having accrued enough frequent flyer miles.....

With little Buddha's arrival next month, I will be able to head to Minnesota and hold him in my arms....and then there is my high school 40th (!!) reunion in Florida....I was able to go to Costa Rica twice to attend a friend's sons' weddings....and my fun Las Vegas trip!.....and I have thought about heading to wine country sometime soon......etc. etc.

Wow. I have realized that it is a big world out there that I have yet to, I guess that you could say that I am finally, truly taking off....and the sky is the limit...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

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It was kind of an ordinary day today....I walked inside on the treadmill since it was already a scorcher outside by 8:00 a.m.....went and got my hair "trimmed" which turned into a hair "cut" when I kept saying "shorter, shorter" (I guess that the heat got to me!?). I had a few errands to run while I was out, but with the exorbitant gas prices these days I try to limit my driving when I can..... it costs a ridiculous amount to keep my Jeep running.

I waited anxiously to hear how the eye dr. appointment went for Mom. Since being diagnosed with macular degeneration a few years ago, these appointments can be full of angst as she goes through several tests to make sure that her condition hasn't worsened. It was a relief to finally hear the good news late this afternoon. No change in either eye. She basically has a large black 'blob' in her central vision in one eye....only seeing peripherally...and even that is limited. So far the other eye has not become "active" that is good.

Other than having to stop driving, she has not let it impact her life in too many ways. She just uses magnifiers to read and do her daily crossword puzzles (she's a whiz at these!). We bought her a "talking watch" for her last birthday that announces the time at the push of a button....she laughs when the alarm is set and the "rooster crows"...sometimes randomly! She has a clock by her bed with huge, lighted numbers...and carries a small magnifier with her whenever she is out.

Mom copes with this situation like a real trooper...while always knowing that this condition can change at any time. But, for today, the report is good. Maybe it wasn't such an ordinary day after all.

Monday, July 17, 2006

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I feel like I have talked about all of my immediate family members on this blog with one big exception; my Dad...That fact is certainly not indicative of any lack of the warm, loving feelings that I have for him. Quite the contrary. Perhaps it is the way he has softly and quietly been a presence in my life throughout the years...never demanding my attention...but, always being there. Maybe it is because he never asks for much from any of us...something that he probably had to learn while living in a household of 5 strong women. He is a good listener...again, because we probably didn't give him much opportunity to speak.

He has survived having his four daughters grow up and leave the nest....and he proudly put each of us through college to earn our degrees...and successfully be out on our own. He, himself, is a graduate of Brooklyn College during an era when getting a degree was not that common.

Dad was quite dashing in his younger years...and, still very handsome to this day. He observes much of the family craziness without getting too caught up in the drama. (smart man) But, then, this has always been his way. He is a gentle soul who's middle name is, interesting enough: Wolfe! Quite an irony.

Now in his 88th year he is incredibly computer savvy as well as quite the handyman around their condo. He was the first one in the family to hook up a webcam...and, now the rest of us have followed his lead.

Dad takes everything in life very slowly...and, for the most part, we have all gotten used to this. The table could be totally cleared, dishes done and dessert put Dad is still finishing up his meal carefully and methodically. It is probably the healthiest way to eat...but, the rest of us are in way too much of a hurry to recognize that.

We could all probably learn a lot from Dad if we would just take a deep breath and slow down a bit. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be in any of our natures...But I am going to slow down long enough to tell you that you are, and always have been, an inspiration to me. I love you, Dad.

"'ve got to have friends...."

"I keep my friends as misers do their treasure, because, of all the things granted us by wisdom, none is greater or better than friendship." -Pietro Arentino

My latest edition of "Oprah" Magazine arrived today. The theme this month is "friendship"... and that is a subject near and dear to my heart.

My friends and I call each other, "The Girlies", and have been through so many life passages together....some good, some not so good. But, through it all we have helped each other come up for air and start breathing again. After 25+ years of being friends, we have a feeling of safety in being bluntly honest with each other.

Friends become our therapists as we try to figure out so many of the complexities that life has in store for us. One friend helps me figure out if I am wearing the right shoes (or stockings, no stockings?) for a special event....on occasion I have driven over to her house with dress and shoes in hand awaiting her opinion and, hopefully, her approval.

Another couple of friends listen endlessly to my relationship concerns and always give me another point of view that I may not have considered. They have taught me to see both sides to the story and it has been very helpful.

Some of the girlies I talk to daily....some I catch up with once a week....and some, once a month or longer ... we have to cover a lot of ground when we go this long without speaking.

Several of my closest friends do not live here in town anymore...this is where email and long distance phone calls come in handy.

One very special friend has been dealing with some chronic physical problems for the last several years.....and that struggle has weighed heavily on me as I continue to watch her experiencing chronic pain...but, together we have proven that nothing can keep a friendship from getting through the rough times. We still talk at least once daily. I know that if the tables were turned, she would do the same for me.

Laughing so hard that you actually have tears in your eyes is one of my very favorite things to do with friends. Through the years not all of the tears have been from laughter, and we are there for each other then, too. Divorce, illness, loved ones passing, issues with our children....etc.....I truly believe in the healing power of great friendships. Any time spent with the girlies is memorable....and, we always end these get-togethers by saying, "We need to do this more often!". We love each other like family...but this is a family that we actually get to choose, making it that much more special.

We can sip wine together and talk forever about anything....but, I must admit the conversation seems to quite often become about the opposite sex! Men would never do this....and we embrace and celebrate that difference whenever the girlies get together. Usually, nothing is held back as we share our innermost feelings and thoughts. It is so great to be able to talk about things that you know are being understood.

Friendships are constantly changing. We have gone from raising our children and being in playgroups to receiving our AARP cards and readying for getting older together. More of our time might be spent out of town with our children and grandkids. Now that we are all starting to watch our grown up children marry and have babies...we love sharing all of that, too. I always look forward to viewing the latest 'grandbaby' pictures and hearing the stories. Who knew that it could be this much fun to get older?

My friends know that our close relationships will sustain us through whatever life has in store for us now and in the future. So, thank you, girlies..."

You give me strength during the mad, bizarre days...." Quincy Troupe

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Paper clips and Mid-East Wars....

Reading the Sunday paper from head to toe is a natural routine for me. I must confess that I usually go right for the comic section....followed by Lifestyle.....and then, on to the news of the day. I guess that the "fluffier" parts of the paper prepare me for the (sometimes) maudlin and depressing events in the world that usually take up the front page.

Today's worrisome headlines, unfortunately, spoke about the escalating bombing and destruction taking place in Israel and Lebanon. What tragic, horrendous violence is going on over there. It is hard for me to wrap my mind around these continuing acts of violence.......

So, I keep on looking through the paper...and.....then, on a lighter note, there is the pretty incredible story of a young man who started making trades with a single red paper clip in hopes of ending up with a home for himself. The journey of the paper clip and all that followed that first trade is so interesting...and, I must say a real "feel good" story. People from all over the world were willing to make trades with him..... and in the end a small town made him a final trade where he actually received a HOME right there in their town! The community put a sculpture of a large, red paper clip out on the lawn of his new home. Pretty fascinating stuff.

Soooo...on this Sunday in July I find that while nothing can really take away my sadness and horror at the world's least I can smile about a simple red paper clip's journey home.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

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Lazily opening my eyes this morning, I was greeted by the impatient stare of two green eyes that seemed to be saying to me, "It's about time!"....Gizmo lays on the same spot on my bed every day as she awaits my 'awakening'. The routine is that I usually rub her head for a few minutes and then cup her little face with my warm hand as she begins to blissfully purr. We make this connection daily without fail. Our repetitive routine made me think about the importance of connections in our lives.

From birth on, we all have a basic need to 'belong' be a part of something greater than ourselves. We go through life seeking out these connections to help us feel grounded and loved. You always hear the expression "There was a hole inside of me that needed to be filled"....this is our quest for a connection. Individually, we make the choice as to how that empty space can be filled. Some people try to fill it with excesses: too much, etc. Trying to be 'filled' and satisfied becomes an addiction that feeds on itself and becomes a continual struggle...with less than positive (and sometimes destructive) results. Instead of truly connecting, we actually distance ourselves further from that elusive need. It is something that we can easily observe when it is happening to someone else...but what about our own connections? And, are we ever totally linked with something or someone....or are we all basically on our own?

Sometime after my divorce I remember the feeling of total disconnect. Much of it was my choice....yet some of it was involuntary. The world seemed filled with happy couples who were forever connected and I was just kind of floating out there without anything or anyone to keep me 'anchored'. I remember that frenetic feeling of needing that immediate connection....

Learning to find my way on my own has been empowering...I have gotten better at being on my own....but, along the way on my journey, I have also recognized and accepted the fact that I am the type of person who likes, and needs, to be connected with others. Whether it is the person checking me out at the grocery store or a dear friend, I am energized by having these connections.

Having Dave in my life these last few years has been comforting, in that I find the companionship...(and the connection that I so desire), in our relationship. It has also been challenging, as I try to balance my strong need for 'connection' with becoming an independent woman making it on her own. That is a continual struggle for me.

I do know that I am definitely the antithesis of a loner...and I guess that truth be my cat, I just want someone to cup my face in their hands and keep me warm.

Friday, July 14, 2006

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: )

Happy, happy Birthday, my dear Jenny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your special day... Love and hugs to you!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

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Sisters, Sisters...

I am frequently asked, " So, what was it like to grow up with three sisters? ". "Interesting!" would be my quick reply. We are an interesting group...We try to always stand in birth order for all photo opportunities as though it is of great importance to let people know how we rank in age....oldest to youngest. (Ironically, I have posted the one picture that I have that is not in that usual pose.) This picture shows Marsha (oldest), Karen (baby), Sherri (#3 middle) and me (#2 middle).

As children we 'fought' like cats and dogs as we each tried to find our place in the family and get the attention that we needed. As adults we still carry some of those same "birth-order characteristics" from childhood...but, the fighting has ended and we are all very close. Oh, I'm not saying that occasional annoyances and aggravations don't pop up when we are all together....but, for the most part, we are a pretty peaceful and loving foursome.

We have all grown up to be very strong and independent women as our lives have taken very diverse directions. I sincerely believe that being a part of a family with four girls (pity my poor Dad!) allowed each of us to define what kind of women we would turn out to be. I am always amazed at how inherently different we all are. Of course, we have our similarities such as our artistic creativity and my mom's large eyes (three blue, one brown)...and some other "family physical traits" that I wouldn't dare put down in writing (!!!)...but we also have our very own unique looks and personalities. I should also note that the two of us with children each had two boys and no girls... I think that my Dad is still in shock over that one. The most important commonality is that we are forever connected in a wonderful way.

So, after more thought, my answer to the initial question that started this post would still be a resounding, "Interesting!"....but, I would add to that reply, "comforting"... because I know that there are at least three people out there who would have my back if I needed them...For this and so much more, I am grateful to be one of this special foursome....and honored to be their sister. Posted by Picasa

My Addiction, I tried to get away without writing anything today. Every time that I walked by the computer I felt the pull to sit down and post something...but, I had so many other things to do I tried to ignore this powerful force and went about my business.

One of my dearest friends, who reads my blog every day (Bless you, Sherri!), called to tell me of her disappointment this morning when she saw that I hadn't written anything new. I saw on my sitemeter that several people had already viewed "Awaiting Buddha" this morning...and, alas, were greeted with yesterday's post. (*sigh*)

I must admit that writing in my blog does have a cathartic aspect to it as I now have an opportunity to write down some feelings that I have inside of me that I might not otherwise get to express.... Sometimes the words just flow and I surprise myself with what comes out. When I read the newly published post I sometimes think "Did I just write that?!?"

I guess that I have always been a 'deep thinker' as well as being quite introspective....and I have been told that I have a tendency to feel things with a lot of passion (ok...maybe that is an understatement!) it seems like a natural pairing....Me, and my newest addiction, my blog...See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

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Dad-to-be Adam !?!

Moms get a lot of the attention during today I wanted to write about the Dad-to-be. I thought that I'd start out with a couple of photos (!!) of him. OK, in all fairness....the most recent picture was taken back in April when we were all fooling around with some of the stuff that Marsha was trying to get rid does show some of the wonderful craziness that makes Adam the incredible father that he is going to be.

The picture above shows that this outgoing personality of his was seen early on in his life! (WARNING: The following is being written by a very proud, Jewish Mother!) This enthusiastic, fun-loving, gentle, talented, creative, friendly, humorous, sensitive, dear little boy of mine has grown into an exceptional man. He is full of a passion for life that is so infectious...anyone around him can't help but get caught up in it.

I can see it now....He and Buddha will probably be downstairs in his home...banging on drums....playing guitars....singing...and pretending to be rock stars together....just as Adam did with his Dad many years ago. Luckily, for Buddha, Adam still possesses a lot of the 'little boy' inside and isn't afraid to show it. He has a great mix of fun and deep sensitivity. I just know that he will be an extraordinary father to little Buddha....and, personally, I can't wait to get to sit back and watch him experience this joy. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Well, little I checked the calendar and your 'expected' arrival is just 51 days away. Wow. In the scheme of things, that is not very long. But for the mama-to-be, I am sure that it must feel like an eternity as she begins to feel the weight of the miracle growing inside of her. Jenny's little frame is having to stretch in ways that one would never feel possible. Pregnancy is truly amazing in so many ways...All of us who have experienced it are basically in a club of sorts....a sisterhood that no one else can really totally understand. It is a mixture of great joy, mystery, trepidation, anxiety, awe, and delight as we watch the changes taking place from within our bodies. Physically, it is out there for all of the world to see....but, emotionally, it is hard to put into words. Here you are creating another human being with a unique genetic code that will forever change your life. In approximately 51 days... this new life passage will be occurring in Jenny and Adam's well as everyone else who's life touches theirs.....and, so, the countdown begins.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Play ball!

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Me and Dave in D.C.

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Reality "Bites"

...home from my wonderful trip to DC! It couldn't have been better. We ate incredible food (including yummy Maryland crabs that we hammered and cracked to get to the meat!), drank great wine, walked, talked, laughed, window shopped, played games, sang songs, watched the Nationals play (and lose...) an afternoon ballgame, shopped at the Eastern market, saw the movie "Superman", had our fill of nuts (don't ask!), enjoyed some beautiful weather, got happily stuffed on delicious gelato.... did I mention eating, eating, and more eating? It was such a great and memorable trip. But, now that I am is back to reality.....and walking off some of that good food. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 07, 2006

...heading out to D.C. this morning to visit the "two J's"....will post again on Monday!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Oh Boy!

Baby Boy Buddha Busting out of the Bountiful Belly at 32 weeks...and beautiful, Mama-to-be Jenny continues to glow! Posted by Picasa
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