Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Two visits with grandkids and no post?!?!?!

I should be ashamed.

Blame it on sheer exhaustion.

My visit with Celia and Dylan was pure delight!  The other grandma was there with me....and, believe me, it takes two sets of eyes, arms, legs and 60+ year old energy to do the job right!  We went swimming....and exploring and playing with Leggos and playing dress up (of course) and singing and dancing....great fun!

Here are a few of the pictures of the MD cuties!!

From there, I flew back home just in time to watch Dave's niece and nephew who had come down to visit their uncle for a week.  They were terrific and made me realize how grown up 11 and 7 year olds really are!

After that, my Minnesota (now Arkansas) gang came in for a few days.  My son had his 20th high school (Whaaaat???) reunion and Grammie got to babysit Owen and Audrey.

They loved swimming in the pool and we managed to go to a jumping place, a children's museum and, even the library while they were here.  It wouldn't be a trip to visit Grammie without some pottery and painting!

Yes, of course, I have pictures.... : )

Fun times....but, even the pictures make me a little tired. 

Time for a nap, y'all.  : )