Thursday, November 29, 2007


I have had a few "ouch" moments in the last few days...

First of all, I got my first flu shot on Tuesday. I decided that at the ripe old age of 59 it was probably time to join the protected masses and get immunized. The shot didn't hurt at all...but my arm continues to be sore now two days later and difficult to use without wincing. This is not a good thing when one uses ones hands and arms to create pottery for a living.

Then, while shopping the other day I suddenly found myself unable to step down on my right foot without a sharp pain shooting through the ankle area. The only way that I could walk was to go on my tip toes on that foot. Yes, I did look quite strange tip-toeing my way through the mall...but, shopping took precedence over pain, of course. : )

It is still occasionally hurting today, but I am taking it easy and not doing any exercise walking for a few more days. If there isn't any improvement in a few days I may find myself sitting in the orthopedic dr.'s office soon.

And, finally....while hurriedly leaving the grocery store two days before Thanksgiving...I drove straight home only to find that my wallet was not in my purse. (I knew that I had it at the store in that I paid with cash.)

I immediately called the store, but no wallet was to be found. Thinking that it had fallen in the parking lot one of the employees scoured it head to toe....all to no avail.

I drove back to the store to do my own search...and left empty-handed.

Like most people, I carry "my life" around in a wallet...driver's license, credit cards, insurance cards, bank cards, wholesale club cards, photos, and, of course, money.So, for the last week I have been renewing cards, making phone calls, and standing in long lines waiting to be helped.

Not really how I wanted to be spending the beginning of the holiday season.

Ouch... : O

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Drumstick Tradition continues...

The drumstick is Adam's favorite part of the turkey and traditionally the part that he chooses first to eat. Daddy Adam decided that Owen was now big enough to try out the turkey drumstick this Thanksgiving!
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Open wide!
With a mouth full of turkey he looks like he's saying: "Not bad, Dad!".....
And so....the tradition continues to the next generation.... : )

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Owen takes on Birmingham

So, you fill a basket with bright, fun, inventive toys and what does Owen have the most fun with? The red plastic storage containers for leftovers! Not only can you fill them with things, they can also double as cute hats....
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He was fascinated with the falling leaves....
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...and later on decided to rake them up!
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Owen's Ball Throwing Rules

1.) Always kiss the ball before throwing.
2.) Fake them out with a second ball!
3.) Do the ball switcheroo to keep them on their toes.
4.) An open mouth always helps in the wind-up.
5.) Taking a well-deserved rest is always a thrower's option.
6.) Resting with the coach (Daddy) is even nicer.
7.) ...but, every good athlete knows not to forget their biggest fan (Mommy)!

Monday, November 26, 2007

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family..." Anthony Brandt

(Owen and Grammie taking a walk.)

Well, for the most part, the food has been eaten...

The beds have been stripped.

The towels have been washed.

The smashed green beans have been removed from the floor.

The cranberry relish stains have been cleaned off of the high chair cushion.

The games have been put away.

The few remnants of the 20 pound turkey have been finished.

The garbage is piled up outside.

All of my "breakables" have been returned to their original spots.

The plastic plugs have been removed from the outlets.

Owen's pack and play bed has been collapsed and stored up in the attic.

Everything has been put away.....

...except for the wonderful Thanksgiving memories.

I miss you all so much already...xoxo Grammie

Who knew that watching someone eat scrambled eggs and Cheerio's could be so remarkable?? : )

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Leftovers, laughter, and love

Here is Owen all dressed up and ready for the Thanksgiving dinner at Grammie's house.....

Unfortunately, Grammie is way too exhausted to post on the blog tonight...but, suffice it to say that it was a wonderful (although too quick!) family holiday get-together!

I promise more tomorrow.... : )

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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I am grateful....

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." William Arthur Ward

When I woke up this morning, I felt wonderful.

Before jumping out of bed to get my day started, I smiled as I realized that starting tonight, my many blessings will be arriving.

Sometimes in the frenetic preparation for the holidays, we tend to lose sight of the most important parts of getting together.

It won't be about the food we eat.

It's not really about the upcoming weather reports.

It won't have anything to do with the clothing that we pack to wear.

This Thanksgiving I am filled with so much gratitude.

I am grateful for all of life's big things, but especially today, I am stopping and making myself aware of all of the smaller, less noticed things.

The autumn beauty surrounds me as the leaves have turned brilliant with color.

Having just returned home after spending several wonderful days in Florida with my aging, but healthy, parents...

I am in a house that I love as it feels like a warm hug every time I come home.

I have candles burning with the delicious smells of tangerine, cloves, oranges, and lavender wafting through the rooms.

As I sit here typing I can see the birds outside enjoying the delicacies that I have put in the feeder.

The sun is shining brilliantly and the sky is clear and blue.

My morning walks still give me a sense of peace and harmony as I start each day with one.

Yes, today I am filled with so much gratitude.

For the next few days I will be savoring every moment spent with my wonderful family as they all head home to spend the holidays here in Birmingham.

I am grateful that Dave and I will be sharing another Thanksgiving together.

I will joyfully watch my grandson taking his cautious and wobbly steps as he begins to explore the new world of walking.

I am continually aware and appreciative of my wonderful "family" of long-time friends that I have here in Birmingham.

I will be able to see the deep love that we all have for each other reflected in the beautiful faces that will be surrounding me this Thanksgiving.

I know that I will want time to move very slowly so that I can savor every moment...

I want to remember to always take the time to count all of the many blessings ahead of me...and, I hope that you are counting yours too.

Happy (and grateful) Thanksgiving to all of my blogging friends.

Peace and love,


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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Grocery Store TRIP #4

I needed rubber gloves for doing the dishes.

I made a list.

I walked up and down every aisle so as to not miss a thing.

I continued to buy things to eat for the week ahead when my company arrives.

Even with all of my precautions I still managed to get home without some much-needed this case, the gloves.

So, I realize that I will be going back to the grocery store again tomorrow...and, thus the cycle continues....


As I went through the check-out this afternoon, the cashier gave me that knowing look as if to say: "You again?"!

So, as I left, I smiled and said: "See you tomorrow!".

Thanksgiving shopping...

What can I tell you?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

...ya gotta laugh.....

....As the T'giving holiday week gets ready to unfold, many of us will be having a houseful of guests.

Having all of those relatives and/or friends under one roof in such close quarters can be wonderfully well as exhausting for the host.

I actually think that the preparation is the harder part. I have now been to Target, Costco, Sam's, and Publix numerous times in the last two days trying to stock up....and I am sure that I will be returning to them all several times next week. I am not sure exactly when we are all going to eat all of this food that I have been purchasing....but, it is there for the taking. I have already "warned" my guests to "come hungry"!!

For some reason when my kids come home, I always think "candy" I fill the pantry with everything from red licorice to chocolate covered raisins.

In all honesty,the raisins are mostly for Judy (Jenny's mom) and I. We have a history with these delectable morsels. When Adam and Jenny gave birth to Owen last September, the two mom's were invited up together to help out with things.(We adore each other and Jenny was brave enough to let us both come at the same time!)

Part of our duties included going out and doing some shopping. Totally wiped out one afternoon, we got our hands on a super-sized choco Raisinette container from Sam's. Within minutes we had that baby ripped open and we began to devour as many as we could at one time. We even poured some into a little box to take with us to the next store. I don't know if it was the "sugar high" or what....but we giggled the rest of the afternoon over our frantic consumption of chocolate covered raisins..

New for me this year is getting ready to have a toddler in the house. This house hasn't had small children in it for years and preparations will need to be made. Things that are low will have to be corners will have to be bubble-wrapped...gates will need to be put up where there are stairs....and all of the exposed electrical outlets will need to be plugged up.

I have also gone and purchased wipees for sensitive bottoms (of course!), disposable bibs (what will they think of next?), diapers, mild detergent, toddler treats,...etc. etc. I have borrowed a high chair from Sharon and today Dave will put together the new Pack and Play in "Owen's bedroom". And, what kind of Grammie would I be without getting some toys?!?!? I am ready with some bright, colorful books to read to my grandson as well as balls, a truck and anything else that I can get my hands on between now and Tuesday.....!

I have so much to look forward to this coming week....

One of my favorite parts of having my boys and their wives home is when they all pile into my king-sized bed in my bedroom....curl up under the blanket and comforter....and watch tv together.

Of course, this year, there will be another little person to snuggle in the bed with us all---Owen!

I'm ready.

....are they here yet? : )

: )

Friday, November 16, 2007

While down in Florida this past weekend, I was mesmerized by my sister's dog and her little friend, the, I got out my camera and followed her around--producing this small "photo essay".....

Baylie and the Duck

This is Baylie.

She is a Wheaton Terrier living down in South Florida and belonging to my sister, Karen, and her husband.

Baylie has a duck that she loves.

The, as yet, unnamed Duck : )

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She carries it around with her wherever she goes.
If you look closely, you can see the duck sticking out of her mouth.
I was concerned that she might swallow it....but she seems to understand that the duck is not food!
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"What's the big deal?" she inquires, looking at me as I snap photos of her.
I guess that she has had enough of me and my camera.
Good night, Baylie....and duck. : )

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Now I can begin thinking about Turkey Day....

As I sat here washing down my "holiday" (it is holiday time, right?) peanut M and M's with a diet/caffeine free coke (!!) I began to think about Thanksgiving.

The kids, my sister, Jenny's mom and dad and, Owen, of course will be arriving starting next Tuesday evening...and to say that I can't wait would be a total understatement.

Up until today I have either been out of town or involved in my pottery or teaching to really give it the thought that it deserved....but, now I am ready to go into action....

That basically means buying a huge turkey, stuffing essentials, sweet potatoes, a few vegetables and thousands and thousands of munchies, snack foods, sodas and wine for all of the sitting around that we will be doing. We will probably have tv's showing all of the football that one could possible wish for....and, I am sure that I will bring out some of our board games to play....but, most of the time we will just be talking and talking...most likely about all the rest of the family who are not here. : O

What a great holiday! : )

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Birthday Queen

"Queen Bette"!!!!
Back home in Bham today looking through some of the photos that were taken at my mom's 85th birthday.....and smiling.

I love this particular picture and think that she looks like royalty...don't you? : ) She was quite the good sport to allow us to "crown" her with this huge birthday hat...She kept it on for a while until it got a little too heavy to wear.

The party was so lovely and my mom's friends all seemed to have had a great time. Since my mom loves puzzles and games, this was the "theme". Each of the guests were given a packet of "Bette themed" games that one of my sisters put together. (I come from a very talented family!) She had created a personalized "Jumble" game as well as a crossword puzzle and a cryptogram with all of the answers having to do with my mom. Oh, and I can't forget the B-E-T-T-E (Bingo) game that the women loved and didn't want to stop playing. There were prizes (puzzle books) involved and they all really got quite competitive. I loved watching them!!

Since I live out of town, my two local sisters did the hard work....and work they did! Every detail was beautifully carried out...from the food to the flowers to the games to the gifts and favors. Even the M and M's were in my mom's favorite colors!

The four sisters did a little skit that brought the house down................... !

Well, maybe not quite that good....but, they did seem to enjoy it and laugh at the right parts! This is another one of those traditions that we seem to always do at our family celebrations...we all moan and groan about writing something....but then love it when it is presented.

As my plane landed back in Birmingham late last night, I was totally exhausted, and, while happy to be back home in my own bed.....I found myself already missing being with my parents and sisters....but totally filled with beautiful memories to keep me going until we are all together again....

The four sisters (Marsha, me, Sherri, and Karen) and the Queen Mother!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Flamingos, Palm Trees, and Sunshine

I'm still down here in South Florida with my family....

The beginning of my journey home started out with a bit of excitement. As the plane began to take off we suddenly slowed down... and then came to a dead stop as the pilot announced first that the take-off had to be aborted, and secondly, asked if there were any medical personnel aboard.

A man and a woman raced to the back of the plane to assist a young woman who was having heart palpitations and trouble breathing. The plane returned to the gate and the paramedics came aboard to help the woman off. It turns out that she was on diet pills and hadn't eaten (?) and was having issues because of that.

Once we were assured that she was going to be okay and that the drama was over, the plane got back in the line-up for take-off...and I was now homeward bound.

I'm always so amazed at the flatness of South Florida. I guess that I am just so used to the hilly landscape of Birmingham.

There is a different kind of beauty down here...the flowers are still in full bloom and thriving while in Birmingham everything flowering is beginning to wither from the cooler temperatures. The greenery is still "green" and lush here as the vegetation basks in the warm sunshine...while back in Bham the leaves are beginning to turn glorious colors as Fall has arrived.

The party for my mom was absolutely lovely (pictures to come when I get back home this week)and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

More on that later as I have just been told that "Desperate Housewives" is getting ready to start (!!) so I am going to end for now.

Hey, we all have our priorities ya know.... : O

Thursday, November 08, 2007

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"Home...where our feet may leave, but never our hearts..."

Tomorrow morning I will be heading "home" to Florida to be with my family and to celebrate Mom's 85th birthday.

It is interesting how, no matter where--or how many times-- we move in our lives, we always designate certain places as "home". I haven't lived in S. Florida since leaving for college *gasp* 41 years ago....but, it is still my "home" and always will be.

So, as I head "home" to sunny Florida, I need to move my Fall clothing aside and bring out some of my lighter weight summer clothes that have already been put away. While we are having a cold spell here in Alabama, it is still in the low 80's down there. A "cold spell" in South Florida is when they get into the high 60's...the heat goes on in the houses there....and coats are brought out of storage! It is hysterical.

I know, I grew up with that...

It is probably as laughable to real Northerners who smirk when we get a little snow (rarely) down here in the South. Everything shuts down...and people frantically flock to the store to purchase copious amounts of food, especially milk and bread.

I never did understand that.

For me, that trip to the grocery store prior to the "snow forecast" means stocking up on necessities like chocolate and other junk food.

Who needs milk and bread when you have a bag of M and M's handy?

Well, enough about this....I must get going and begin to pack before the day gets by me.

I will return late Tuesday night filled with pictures and stories....

I promise.

: )

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Somehow I let yesterday get by without posting something about two very special people in my life who were celebrating milestone birthdays....

The first is my mom.

I will be flying down to Florida this Friday morning to take part in her birthday celebration, but I still want her to know that yesterday was certainly momentous and especially noteworthy. She has reached 85 years of life on this earth and is still going strong. For that, and so much more, I am so grateful and full of love. I can't wait to see you at the end of the week mom!!! : )

Then there is my dear, dear friend, Sharon who turned 60 yesterday!

I think that her birthday is made even more meaningful because she shares the date of her birth with my mom.

Sharon is one of those rare individuals who comes into one's life and you never want to let her go. She brings so much to my existence from her wonderfully fun and crazy sense of humor to her unbelievably loving generosity. We probably talk to each other on the phone 7-8 times a day about everything and nothing. We share a love for reality shows amongst other things...and discuss the "characters" on these shows as if they were close friends of ours. Sending love and hugs your way, Sharon...thank you for your friendship and for truly understanding "me".

Happy Belated Wishes to these two wonderfully unique women in my life...

Monday, November 05, 2007

Brusha Brusha Brusha

Owen learns to brush all four of his teeth! : )

Sunday, November 04, 2007

My little "super" grandson!

....using his super powers to build with his blocks!
Superman at his "Super" Day Care!
Hey, even Superman has to take a break from using his super powers sometimes.... : )

Saturday, November 03, 2007