Thursday, May 29, 2008

I had to laugh as I read the above cartoon today.

It really hit close to home as I began to get ready to go on my morning exercise walk today.

The first thing that I did was wrap my ankle as it has been feeling weak and a bit achy lately.

I then put my Velcro knee wraps that are supposedly holding my meniscus tight and giving it support.

As I slipped my feet into my running shoes, I double-checked the foot support that I had especially made for my arch.

And, finally, as I headed out the door, I took two Advil to help all of my other aches and pains.

Fit as a fiddle....(HA!!)...wrapped and "medicated" : O.....I was finally off for my morning walk!


Moobear said...

Hi Laurie,

Precious pictures of Owen below. He has grown so much and is certainly all boy now! I had to giggle at your post today. Could it be age? :+)
Take care my friend.


JeanMac said...

I understand:)