Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bama Bound Braden!

My nephew, Braden, is here in Birmingham tonight. He flew in around 6 pm...just in time for some dinner and relaxation before heading to Tuscaloosa first thing tomorrow morning for Freshman Orientation.

I am quite excited to have him in a school so close by--45 minute drive from Birmingham--!

His B'ham Auntie (me) can now teach him some real Southern traditions such as learning to say: "y'all come back now, y'hear?!" as well as "Yes m'am" and "No, sir".

He'll need to learn to enjoy grits with his eggs and catfish served with fried green tomatoes...and, most importantly, he will get to dine on the world's best bar-b-que at Dreamland where they serve up pork, ribs, chicken and a side of soft, fresh white bread. Oh, and don't forget the banana pudding for dessert.

Red and white will become his two favorite colors as he gets ready to enter a land where football is King...and Alabama Coach Saban is revered and recognized as royalty. No two words will be as important to him as "Roll Tide"...the Alabama chant.

He will learn that one of the most sacred days of the year is when Alabama plays Auburn in the famed Iron Bowl. The winner of this intense rivalry gets the all important bragging rights for the whole year.

We laughed tonight as I asked him if he was going to be one of those crazy kids that I see on tv cheering wildly for the football team. You know, the ones who come to the games with the school colors painted on their bodies....and letters displayed across their chests spelling out A-L-A-B-A-M-A!!!

Without even needing to think about it...he answered me with an immediate "yes!".

Roll Tide...Braden

...it's going to be an interesting year! : )


Beverly said...

Oh my, he is drop dead gorgeous. I hope he has a wonderful experience at Alabama.

And congratulations to you all on the impending birth of Moe. What fun! Ella arrives on the 18th.

JeanMac said...

He looks like a wonderful young fellow.