Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One week and counting.....

June 17th is circled in red on my calendar.

Baby "Moe" is getting ready to be welcomed into the world as she "dances" around in Jenny's ever-expanding belly.

Mommy Jenny is scheduled for a C-section in ONE WEEK!!!!!!!

I am beyond excitement as I slowly pack for my trip to Minneapolis Saturday after the birth!

The picture above was taken at Jenny's brother's wedding in Chicago a few weeks ago. Adam was a groomsman and Jenny was one of the bridesmaids. She was such a trooper coming down the aisle looking and feeling like she was ready to give birth at any moment!

Now that she and Adam are back home in "Minnie", they are making final preparations for "Moe's" arrival.

They have been trying to sell their home for the last few months...but, unfortunately found themselves right in the middle of the housing market glut...and the house is still unsold. Because of this they have had to make some adjustments to make the home that they are still in fit their ever-growing family.

Owen will remain in his crib in his room....and "Moe's" room, along with a borrowed crib, has been set up in-- what used to be --the dining room! The dining room is now set up in --what used to be-- the study...and so on and so on.

It brings back so many memories for me as I think back to Adam's birth when we lived in an itsy bitsy, teensy tiny apartment...

We all probably have had situations like they are being faced with...and can smile now as we remember those happy, but cramped times... : )

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