Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Without sounding sexist...I will say this....buying things for little girls is a bit more fun than for little boys.

And, I have the check receipts to prove it! : O

Maybe it is because I was the mother of two boys and never got to really shop for a little girl? (Good excuse, eh?)

It seems that everywhere I turn, there is something adorable that I just know my new little "diva" Audrey needs to have.

For instance, these two pairs of baby "shoes" just called out to me yesterday...I mean, c'mon. How cute are they? Jenny loves the color purple, so, the second pair were a must have. And, I know that she and Adam will not be into the real frilly froo froo things for, I am trying to keep things reasonably simple.

I am having such fun and I haven't even gotten to Minnesota yet (I leave Saturday!)...

Watch out world, Grammie is on the loose at the local malls!

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Beverly said...

She is soooo cute. Everyone looked so happy in the delivery room...
I will tell you that shopping for girls is SO MUCH FUN!!! I also had two boys, so when Lily came I was so crazy, not only shopping, but she is so amazing. The playing, the sharing, the hugs are so special. Now, I love my boys and grandsons more than I can say, and the little girl is a new world that I am finding is unique. Life is good.