Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dearest Audrey and Owen,

Grammie will be heading back home to Birmingham very early in the morning tomorrow. : (

In fact, so early, that I will be "sneaking" away in a cab in hopes that the rest of you will be having wonderful dreams as you peacefully sleep.

This has been an amazing visit for me.

Owen, I have loved watching you play with the little boats that I brought you as you joyfully splash around in the bathtub. And, picking you up from daycare as you ran into my awaiting arms is still right up there in the "most special Grammie moments" category. I love how you sit intently and look at the pictures as I read to you. I already know that you are a brilliant kid. : )

You are talking up a storm...and, even though you seem to be able to say everyone's names so well...except for Grammie's...well, the gig is up. Your Mommy, Daddy, and I heard you talking in your bed the other night as you clearly said, "Mommy, Daddy, Baby Audrey, GRAMMIE..." You little stinker...making us think that you couldn't say my name!

I adored watching you sit up in that chair and get a haircut the other day...such a big boy! And, then you were "rewarded" with a little sticker that you proudly wore on your t-shirt as you played in the mall playground. Talking about playgrounds, Grammie will never be the same after climbing up the steps to go down the slides with you...and, how about when we got stuck together in the wavy tubing?! Daddy had to come pull us both up by my feet! We all got a good laugh out of that!

Owen, you are filled with so much joy and enthusiasm and you make everyone feel good around you. This is a wonderful trait that I know you inherited from your parents. You love music and singing and playing your "mini-me" guitar while your daddy plays his.

Always keep that sense of wonder within you...even as you grow up. I love you very much.

And, Audrey...what can I say to you?

You entered the world and our hearts all at once....just fourteen days ago.

You are so beautiful with that rosebud mouth and pink complexion and bright eyes that follow our every move.

You are so observant of your surroundings as you intently watch the little streams of light that reflect off of your tomato red walls in the nursery (aka the dining room- pre-Audrey!). One of your great-grandma's made a cross stitch picture that hangs over your changing table and you love to look at its beautiful colors.

Yes, you can be exhausting at times as all that you know right now is to: eat, poop, pee, and sleep. And, when you are in need of let us know...loud and clear.

But, the most precious moments with you have been in the quiet of the house, sitting on the rocking chair, giving you a bottle as you wrap those tiny fingers around Grammie's one finger. Holding you close and listening to your coos is pure Heaven...and then some.

I keep looking into that sweet face of yours trying to imagine a little girl of the future jumping around and giggling...playing with her in pigtails....*sigh*

I know that you both will be changing so much in the next few months before I am able to see you again. While I hate to miss all of the steps in between...I am so absolutely grateful that you are both strong and healthy and growing. We are all so blessed.

I think that I will forever carry early last night in my heart. Owen, you were freshly bathed and in your pj's while Audrey was in my arms. I asked you if you wanted to hold "Baby Audrey" (as you so sweetly call her) in your arms. Next thing that I knew, you were climbing up in my lap as I gently placed your little sister in your arms. Mommy and Daddy were right there with us and the four of us sang songs to baby Audrey and rocked her. You squealed with delight...and, I cherished the family moment of togetherness and love.

Owen, I need for you to try and be patient with your parents as they try to juggle life with two little ones and both vying for their attention. And, Audrey, I hope that your every two hours or so stretches out to three, even four between that your Mommy can get some much-needed rest. She is giving you a great gift of nourishment--her breast milk... rich with all of the nutrients and antibodies that you are needing to grow up strong and healthy...and, that can be both satisfying, bonding... and oh, so tiring for her.

I know that it is time for me to go...but, that doesn't make the distance that separates us any easier to take.

The good news is that you have two very competent, and loving, parents here to watch over you both. Yes, they will be exhausted at times to the point of tears...but, they will make it through with flying colors. I see the joy in their faces as they nurture you both, and I feel peaceful knowing that you are in such good hands.

I will miss all four of you already...

Sending lots of hugs, kisses, and love, your Grammie

(sshhh...don't tell Mommy and Daddy yet........but, I will be back real soon.) : )


JeanMac said...

Aw, Grammie, so touching.

Anonymous said...

I loved your post today! I know you had a great time, and I am sure everyone appreciated you being there so much. I also bet you will be glad to get some rest in your own bed! :) You have such an appreciation for the wonderful things in life. It makes your blog such a pleasure to read. I know Owen and Audrey will appreciate your writings when they are older.
Hope you have a great trip home.