Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Has anyone seen my ________________???

You can fill in the above blank with anything that would normally be found around a house.

Since I have arrived here in Minnesota, we have had a knack for losing things.

But, it is not entirely our fault.

Besides having a new baby...besides having an almost two year old toddler, etc....Adam and Jenny have their house on the market in hopes of selling it this summer before the cold fall and winter months begin here in MN.

Now under the most normal of circumstances, keeping the house in tip-top shape for showings would be difficult at best. But, with all of the above, it has become quite a feat.

So, what occurs right after the realtor calls with the news that the house will be shown is that we have to gather up the "troops" and then begin the clean-up ritual.

It is during this mad scramble that items are put wherever we can find a space for them...thus, the reason that so many things have been misplaced in all of the confusion.

The good news is that no children have come up missing so far...and we do find everything eventually.

...that is until the next call from the realtor... : O

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