Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Anyone want to buy a swimming pool? (cheap)

AH! As summer approaches...the flowers bloom....the birds are singing...the air is warm and toasty...toenails are polished as sandals become the shoe of choice...juicy watermelons are plentiful...AND, my backyard pool (or, money pit, as I like to call it) is open.


As I continue to try and save money by doing things myself, pool maintenance is included in that grouping. Those of you who have a pool in your backyard will certainly understand the difficulty in keeping up with the chemicalizing and cleaning of an in-the-ground pool.

The pool came with the house when we purchased it 30 something years ago. Through the years when the boys were growing up there were always kids playfully enjoying the water when the temps were on the rise. Fourth of July parties were held back there along with baseball, basketball, and soccer team get-togethers. I can remember the boys coming home from playing their summer sports and delighting in being able to strip down and jump into the refreshing water! One could hear squeals of joy as they recklessly went down the sliding board into the deep end below! Those were wonderful times.... and I have so many great memories of those years.

Time passes....the boys are married and living out of town....and the pool area stays pretty quiet these days.

But, the opening-the-pool-ritual stays the same. First, the cover must be cleaned and removed and folded. This huge green mesh cover presents many challenges as it has been catching debris all fall and winter long.

Once it is removed, one is then faced with a lovely green "pond" with dusty stuff (that got through the mesh) at the bottom.

And so, the fun begins!

The pool is "shocked" with mega doses of chlorine...the pump goes non-stop 24 hours a day....testing is done regularly to see whether muriatic acid or baking soda need to be added to get everything in balance. ...the pool sweep is activated and cleaned out regularly...the yucky stuff that the filter catches is cleaned out by backwashing the system...etc. etc. etc. (and, there are many etc.'s!)

The goal? Sparkling blue, crystal clear water ready for swimmers.

Anyone interested?

Grab your're all invited to jump on in................

.....................well, as soon as the murky, greenish water turns blue!



Beverly said...

After Don died and I started doing some needed maintenance around my house. One of the first things was the pool. I had the renovated, but first I asked the pool man if he thought I could just fill it with concrete. Like you, I cherish the sounds of days gone by, but it is very quiet these days. I do pay someone to keep mine up though. We don't cover ours in Florida, or at least where I am.

pheromone girl said...

I have teenagers... we'd love to come sit by the pool!!

Grammie said...

Pheromone Girl...come on over anytime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

: )

JeanMac said...

I love our pool but it is a lot of work. Maybe have "the girls" over for lunch and a dip!

~Molly~ said...

We have an in-ground pool and 3 kids, 9, 13, and 16. Last year the liner(its vinyl) had to be replaced along with the wooden side walls. To the tune of $4800. Ouch. It took from April 1st til July 12th before it was done and filled. Then we had Gustav and Ike hit us and we only ended up swimming about 4 times maybe.

This year we didn't cover it and came to regret that move. Our oak tree hangs over the deep end and dropped a ton of leaves in. Oh it was gross. And, because of the weird cool spring, we didn't open it in April like we usually do. It will be June 1st tomorrow and we just now shocked it yesterday!! My daughters spent hours fishing pickerel frogs from it, hundreds of them. We took a 5-gallon bucket to a local creek and released at least 500.

Anyway, I feel your pain. I'd rather fill the durn thing in pronto! But my kids would mutiny so we don't. Sigh.


I haven't been to your blog in several months, it got lost in the shuffle of busy-ness and life. Now I'm putting you up front so I can visit more often!

One Woman's Journey said...

We had a pool when children were growing up. It was like a giant bath tub that I continually had to clean. Oh the kids and their friends enjoyed it and mama cleaned and cleaned. I would not have another one if someone gave it to me.

Anonymous said...

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