Friday, May 22, 2009


OK. so, I am finally over my American Idol angst. I am realizing that life will actually go on even though Adam didn't win! : )

I saw an after-show interview that he did and, I must say, he is a class act. He was sincerely happy for his roommate and buddy, Kris...and was looking ahead to many great opportunites that the Show had afforded him.

I can't wait for his first CD to come out...


Well, dreams do come true sometimes....and, not always in a good way.

I was having the most intense dream last night about not being able to do anything because of this painful burning sensation in my left eye.

I woke up in the middle of the night and my eye was truly uncomfortable. When I looked in the mirror it was quite red and irritated looking.

I put some eye drops in and went back to sleep...but, woke up thinking about how weird that was....


Because of all of the A.I. stuff going on, I haven't really been able to post much about my trip home last weekend. As I said, it was bittersweet. Sweet to be with my family....and sad to be unveiling the headstone at my Dad's grave.

It is a long story that I won't go into great detail about...but, the cemetery people put the headstone in the wrong area! Talk about taking an already upsetting day and adding some extra drama to it!

Talks are still going on with the head honchos at the cemetery...but, this was an unforgivable event to have happened to my family....Mom, especially.

It now makes us wonder if they really know where my dad is buried.



While we were down in Florida, my sister and bro-in-law decided that we would have a family boat ride. Both of them are trained and licensed to handle the boats....and, they have joined a place that allows them to "check out" different boats for occasional jaunts.

Now, Dave is not really a "boat person" fact, the last time that we were down there together, we went on a "Casino boat cruise and within an hour of leaving the dock, Dave was quite queasy....and, he remained seasick for the rest of the trip. Poor guy. (Now, I must tell you that this was an unusually stormy and windy day that we went out...)

But, being the good sport that he is (!?!), he agreed to go out on the boat after I told him that I had asked that we just stay on the intercoastal waters (and not the ocean) and slowly and gently move on the water.

My sister gave him wrist bands that are supposed to keep you from getting seasick...and, we were ready to go.

The boat was really lovely...about 18 feet long and, even had a loo down below the deck! I must say that I was quite impressed with that feature!

As we headed into the waters, I noticed that it was quite choppy that day. Our captain (my bro-in-law) zoomed out into the intercoastal at a rapid pace. (yikes) He explained that in this section it was really less bumpy to go quickly...and, so we did. It was especially bad when we got caught in another boat's wake...

At one point I glanced over at Dave's face and it was looking a bit pale (green?)....however, when I asked him if he was feeling sick...he "gently" told me to please not ask him! But, I could tell that he was not feeling his best...

Luckily, we soon got over calmer waters and all seemed to be okay on board.

It turned out to be a lovely day on the sister, nephew and I even went swimming when we docked for lunch...the water was clear and warm...ahhh.

Dave made it through the boat ride almost unscathed....however, even after my nagging...he did not put enough sunscreen on and......yep, you guessed it....he got a pretty lobster-colored burn.



Memorial Day weekend is here. Dave and I don't really have any big plans other than going to a little dinner party tomorrow night.

I know that he will be playing golf Saturday and permitting (scattered rain storms are predicted for the whole weekend!)...and, we will probably just lie low and be lazy.

I am in charge of a seafood type of dinner for tonight....and, he is going to make a bar-b-que dinner of sorts for Sunday. Monday will be left-overs!

I am hoping to squeeze in a movie at some point of the weekend...just to get out of the house for a bit...

All in all, it will be nice to just relax, take it easy....and enjoy the days....

I hope that all of my blogging buddies out there can do the same....


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