Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm very disappointed.

Actually, I am a little shocked and confused.

After watching almost two hours of incredible entertainment on American Idol tonight, my boy Adam didn't win.

I enjoyed him so much on the show tonight and I felt as though I was watching someone who would not only be a superstar...but, a musical icon....perhaps, a legend?


I do wish Kris the very best....his future looks bright and successful......but.....

...personally, I can't wait for Adam's CD to come out...and you can bet that I will be first in line waiting to buy it! : )

2 comments: TN said...

I think everyone was shocked...including Adam. Chris couldn't believe he had won either. You know the judges didn't do Adam any favors by implying he was the only one to win. I think that hurt him. America was tired of hearing that! He is really talented and will go far, I'm sure. I just wish he wouldn't paint his fingernails black! :-)

pheromone girl said...

This show reminds me so much of high school and the highs and lows of the competitions that were held. I find it really interesting to see why people chose who they do as their favorite. Thanks for sharing!!