Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thankfully, it's all over tonight.....

I am somewhat relieved that American Idol is ending tonight.

Don't get me wrong, I will miss the has been extremely entertaining and fun to watch. But, because I entered this American Idol contest this season, I have felt the angst of second-guessing America each week as I send in my vote for the bottom two or three and who I think will eventually win.

It's a lot of pressure! : )

So, last night I was glued to watching my television as Adam and Kris battled it out for the "title". I didn't even answer the phone if anyone dared to called me.

(I know. I really need to get a life.)

Anyway, the two of them lived up to their previous reputations... as Adam (be still my heart) belted out his songs with all the drama that he could muster...and, Kris kept that good ole boy image with his boyish looks and soulful voice.

I always dislike that they make the two finalists sing a song written especially for the finale. The one last night was no exception to this thought. Both Kris and Adam seemed to struggle with the song...almost to the point of "screeching" it as they attempted to belt it out. The most memorable part (sarcasm) of the song was that the lyrics included the word "hurricane". It was the typically corny "I want to follow my dream.." kind of song....yada yada. Now I am as cheesy as the next person...but, c'mon people.

I realized as I sent in my final contest vote this morning that it was almost impossible to pick a clear "winner". Both of these guys can sing. Both of them are extremely appealing. Both of them will have record contracts in the future. But, the two of them are completely different!

How can one choose between two extremely talented singers when their styles are so contrary to one another? Apples and oranges. Rock and easy listening. AAACK.

I went through a period of angst....and then finally decided that I had to get my vote in so that I could take on my day like a normal person. I was spending way too much time on this and needed to begin focusing on other things that needed to get done.

I wrote the email.

I hit send.

For a nano-second I had second thoughts.

But, it was too late...and, I would stick with my pick for the 2009 American Idol.

This is a singing contest...and, to me, the most entertaining and unique singer should win. It should be the contestant that challenges me to enjoy music that I might not ordinarily listen to. It should be the person who fills the stage with his presence and passion. Once I began to think about it that choice became pretty clear cut.

My pick?

Adam. : )

Tonight we will find out the results.

(...after tonight I will have to find something else to angst over on Tuesday and Wednesday nights....) : O

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One Woman's Journey said...

Grammie - I think I am boring. With keeping a city cottage presentable and up and down the road building a country cottage - I have not watched television in months. I have not missed it. Do miss my reading time. But it will happen.