Monday, May 04, 2009

You win some....and you lose some....

OK. Now for the betting results from our weekend.

As you can see here, I am holding some of my losing tickets from one of the races...however, later on things picked up when I made a $2 bet on a long shot horse to "win" and she did...and I excitedly ran headed over to the window to collect my $93. winnings! Not bad for a two dollar investment!

But, the real story from our weekend was the bet that Dave and two of his buddies made together. Pooling their money, they made a $75 bet ($25 each) on a bet that picks the winning horse in both the Oaks race and the Derby race.

Their pick on the Oaks race was the highly favored horse, "Rachel Alexandra". They were pretty confident that they had a winner with, for the first half of the bet they put #6, Rachel Alexandra.

That was the "easy" part. Now they had to finish their bet by deciding their picks to win the Derby the next day. After much deliberation, Dave went to the betting window with a list of numbers that they had decided on to put on their ticket. Part of the decision-making plan was to pick all of the horses in the Derby with the exception of some of the long-shots....thus, giving them a better chance of winning their bet.

The Oaks race went on and, as expected, "Rachel Alexandra" came in first place! The guys were jubilant as they now had a 50% chance of holding a winning ticket.

When his friend Dean glanced at their ticket he saw that a mistake had been made...the number 10 horse had been left off and the number 8 horse was on there instead. The woman at the betting window had made an error when she typed in the numbers! They all became concerned in that number 10 was a pretty favored horse---while number eight was a long shot...but, there wasn't anything that they could do at this point in that the first race had already been run. So, they had to accept their fate with the incorrect ticket.

Any of you who may have watched the history-making upset on Saturday...the 50-1 long shot horse--"Mine That Bird"---NUMBER 8--ended up winning!!!

With grins on their faces, the three guys realized that, because of the "mistake"...they had now won around $700!

Lesson learned: A little "mistake" can end up being a big victory... : )