Thursday, June 04, 2009

Assorted stuff.

Interesting day so far...

While walking with my friend this morning, we came upon a car parked at one of neighbor's homes. I thought that it was an interesting color for a, I took out my new Blackberry (!) and snapped a picture of it. It is actually a Lexus...maybe it was part of a commercial for Pepto Bismol?

One can only hope...

Different, eh? (I bet that when they base their insurance rates on visibility of your car...this one will rank right up there at the top!)


This particular friend that I walked with today was relating what occurred at her home yesterday. She lives in a rather large home where the upstairs bedrooms/baths aren't really used unless her kids come in for a visit. But, she decided to go upstairs and clean up, especially the bathrooms. She put some cleaning solution in one of the tubs and then began to fill it with extremely hot water.

Four hours later...she realized that she had forgotten to turn off the water!

As you can imagine...this was not good. After a momentary panic, she tried to put her hand into the tub to pull the plug...but, the water was scalding hot! So, she wrapped a towel around her hand and got it that way.

Of course, by now, the water had seeped down the tile floor and big water spots were appearing on the ceiling down below in the main living area!

Insurance adjusters were called....a company was sent out....large fans were brought in to try and dry things out....What a mess!

I imagine that she won't forget to turn off the water again...


Talking about insurance, I was quite upset to have received a letter the other day from my "good friends" at Blue Cross/Blue Shield, my health insurer.

It was addressed: "Dear Alfa Health Member"...(so personal) went on to say that "... health care costs and utilization continue to increase...As a result, we find it necessary to increase your rate effective July 1, 2009. The increase will be approximately 8.9%...." It went on to add, "...if the oldest member covered under the policy has moved into another age category due to a recent birthday...there will be an additional increase in premiums."

So, being the oldest, and only, member, in my household...of course turning 60 last year meant that my premiums were going to go up over and beyond the "8.9%"

I braced myself...but, obviously not that my premiums went up a total of over 33%!!!!

Of course, I made a call to question the exorbitant increase...and, was told that it was because of my birthday and that it was an "across the board" increase that could not be changed.

Happy Birthday to me... : O


Talked to Mom the other day and she brought me some sad news from "The Home". It seems that one of the baby swans has passed away...and, everyone is quite upset about it. Now there are only three.

She also told me the story about when she went to the doctor the other day by reserving the Home's driver to take her there and pick her up. After her appointment was up she waited in the office building lobby for her ride.

Realizing that she needed to use the restroom, she asked the lovely woman in the lobby to please look out for her driver while she was gone.

Now, it seems that this restroom was all the way down the hall...away from the main lobby. Once she was done, she attempted to unlock the bathroom door...but, couldn't get it to budge. She tried and tried..but, couldn't get the latch to slide and open the door.

In a slight state of panic, she began to bang on the door yelling, "Help! help! I'm locked in!!" hoping that someone would walk by and hear her calls.

No one did.

And, she continued to bang and yell.

About 15 minutes later (Mom said that it felt like an hour!), the lovely lady came down the hall and checked in on my mom.

"Are you okay in there?" she asked, "Your ride has been waiting for you for quite a while."

Of course Mom yelled out through the locked door that she was stuck there because of the lock.

The woman gave her instructions on how to get the lock to sliding it one way and then the other.

Relieved, but quite shaken, Mom finally got out.

She was so appreciative of the woman's she helped her into the awaiting car.

Frightening situation for her to go through....but, at least Mom had a good story to tell the other ladies at "The Home" when she returned...


Another few calls to the technical people over at Verizon and I am getting a lot better with my new toy. It is pretty addictive, but I am trying not to spend too much time with it.

With all of these new communication gizmos out there, it does make one wonder if we will ever talk to each other again?



pheromone girl said...

The only time I've seen that particular color was on the Mary Kay cadillacs in the 80s. Has Mary Kay gone Lexus?

Beverly said...

Mary Kay came to my mind when I saw the color of that car. It reminds me of the Pepto-Bismol commercial that's running on TV right now.

Insurance - oh my. Is that an individual policy? You have quite a way to go before Medicare, if anything is even left once you get there.

How much do all these tricks and games cost with the Blackberry? Do you know how much your bill will run? What kind of plan do you have? I'm very nosy. My contract isn't up yet on my plan. I know they would love to upgrade even before my time is up.

Beverly said...

Oh, and I'm glad your mother was o.k. That could have been very upsetting.

Oh, I'm sorry about the baby swan too...the cygnet. :-)

Granny Annie said...

The people in "The Home" will have a busy weekend with tales of the swans and your mother's outing to the doctor. I was just relieved that the story didn't end with the driver going off and leaving her.

When I hear tales of insurance horror I cringe. There ought to be a law.........oh, there is? Hum?

I'm afraid the color of that car makes me need a drink of Pepto. That is sickening.

LL Cool Joe said...

Found your blog via Pheromone Girl and just had to pop over and say although I don't like the colour pink, it's always cool to see a car that isn't boring.

This is coming from the person with a black and white Zebra Jeep!

Nice blog!