Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday, Monday

Right now the kiln is filled and running with several pieces of pottery on it's shelves. It always feels so good to get enough done to be able to do a firing. There are some special order pieces in there now that will have to go through one more firing before they are ready to be sent to the clients. This first firing (bisque firing) is always the one that makes me the most nervous in that this is when there is always a slight possibility of the piece blowing up. This can be caused by an air bubble or some moisture that is still in the clay. I won't know if this was an issue until tomorrow afternoon when the kiln has cooled off enough to open it's heavy lid and peek in...


We have had some pretty rough thunderstorms these last few days here in Alabama. Early Saturday and part of the day yesterday brought torrential downpours along with some strong winds.

On Saturday we found that a large tree limb had fallen and draped itself on the power line running into my house. The power stayed on, but there were a few flickers here and there. The power company came out and removed it after warning us not to touch it. I guess that it might have been a bit shocking (sorry, I couldn't resist) if we touched it and it was carrying a pretty good charge...!

Then yesterday's storms caused some more branches to fall on the roof...bowing out the gutter and possibly damaging some of the roof shingles. Since my (very expensive$$) roof is pretty new, I thought that it would be okay to call the people who installed it to check it out.

They did, and after tweaking the gutter a bit, they told me that the shingles were fine. Phew!

I was quite relieved in that my homeowner's insurance deductible is $1000. and that is $1000. more than I want to spend right now!


I told Dave to take everything with him to his house when he left this morning. By everything I mean the ribs, the potato salad, the spinach dip, the beans, the bread, and the pulled pork. I just can't eat anymore of that heavy, rich delicious food. I figured that out of sight meant out of mind.

However, I am kind of craving one of those yummy ribs slathered with bar-b-que sauce right now though.....


Talked with Mom this morning on my walk outside in the oppressive heat and humidity (Summertime in the South--**groan**). She seems to be doing okay, but was disappointed in one of the "special" dinner's on Saturday night. Every once in a while, "The Home" will have a theme night where they "go to" another city or country for the evening meal. For example, once the theme was Mexico and, of course, they served a Mexican meal that night...etc. etc.

Well, the place this time was Venice...and, she was really looking forward to what they would do for that.

It turned out that it was just a regular dinner night...but, they did have a gentleman walking around doing some operatic singing during the evening.

Mom said that it was so loud that no one could hear anyone talk...and, it was actually kind of annoying after a while.

Too bad that they didn't have any gondolas to put him on and let him sail off into the night...


Well, the "Travelin' Grammie" is heading out again a week from this Thursday! I am on the go so much these days that I should probably keep an extra suitcase packed and ready to go at all times.

Little Audrey is going to be turning one this month...and, we are all gathering in Minnesota to celebrate this first birthday with her.

I really can't wait to see her again...and, of course, her brother, Owen!

How blessed I am to be able to celebrate the happy moments with my kids... : )



pheromone girl said...

It's so nice to hear you so happy! You are truly blessed.

I love thinderstorms, except when I'm driving. They make me nervous... TN said...

We have had some bad storms too!
I'm happy you get to see your grand blessings. Nothing could be finer!

Winifred said...

Sorry you're having such bad weather, you always hope for months of sunshine in summer. I'm a bit more realistic now living in the UK but ever hopeful!

Maybe you could show us some of your pottery sometime. I'd love to see it.