Monday, June 29, 2009


Another wonderful day in paradise Minneapolis with the grandbabies! Luckily, Judy (the other grandma)and I have a great relationship that is mostly filled with laughter! And, I'm talking the kind of laughter where you are "drinking-soda-and-it-comes-out-of-your-nose" laughter (that actually happened tonight!). We are a great team... and work so well together that we feel like we must have been sisters in another life! We decided a while back that we just "get each other"...and that is what is so magical about our relationship. And, of course, we share the unbelievable love for our children (who were smart enough to marry each other!) and our beautiful Owen and Audrey.


Things are running very smoothly except for one little detail...and, that is the "house showings"! You see, Adam and Jenny are trying very hard to sell the home that they are in right now so that they can move into something a bit larger....Sooooo, when the realtor calls....we listen.

Now that the kids are away and Judy and I are babysitting, it is pretty challenging to have to leave the house at different times so that the realtor can bring prospective buyers over.

That not only entails packing up things for the grandkids...but, we also have to leave the house spotless.

Tonight there was a showing at 6:30 p.m. We normally would have the kids almost ready to go to be by, that put a crimp in our plans.

Well, we bathed the kids early...and then took them out to Wendy's to eat in their pajamas!! It sounded like a good idea at the time....

But, at the end of the meal, we offered them soft serve ice cream. Yum. Sounds pretty good, eh?

Well, to say that they were "sugared up" would be an understatement. As I rocked Audrey in my arms and tried to get her sleepy after her bottle....she was so hyper and excited that she had me hysterically laughing.

She has this thing about making different a clicking sound ....or putting her tongue in and out---blah blah blah.... or inhaling while making another type of sound....or "ma ma ma"....or "ba ba ba" get the point, right?

She was giggling and making her sounds...and I couldn't help but laugh at her....she is so cute!

Thirty minutes later...I finally got her to sleep...and, I left her room with a smile on my face. : )


The kids told us that they thought that Owen would enjoy a day at the Mall of the Americas in that they have this special thing for kids. They have these wonderfully fun rides in this carnival-like atmosphere. So, the plan is for us to take Audrey to daycare and spend some alone time with Owen at the mall riding the rides, etc.

I must say that Judy and I have some reservations about all of this...not because we are concerned about going on the rides with Owen...but, at a shopping center today we passed several of those "rides" that you put a quarter in and it slowly moves up and down or back and forth. At first Owen was all excited saying: "Can I go on the (horse, car, bus etc.)?" "Sure" we said...getting our change out for the little rides.However, once we got close to actually doing it...he changed his tune and said, "Maybe another day...!" He couldn't get away fast enough at that point....

Tomorrows "adventure" may be short lived...


The weather turned on us here in MN. While it was quite hot when I arrived last Thursday...a front came through and now the temps are very cool. I'm trying to enjoy it while I can before heading home to the heat and humidity in Alabama!


Adam and Jenny will be heading home tomorrow afternoon. I hope that they have had fun on their 11th Anniversary getaway.

I know that Judy and I are honored that they leave their precious children in our care.

I can never get enough of is so joyous and memorable.

Who knew that being a grandmother could be so much fun?!?!


Granny Annie said...

I am so jealous of your co-grandmothering. Sounds like the two of you might need some adult supervision for yourselves. LOL

pheromone girl said...

That is awesome! What better way to enjoy the little guys than with a partner in crime you actually like!