Thursday, June 18, 2009


Whenever I just write about "stuff", I am always looking for a new, and more interesting title for my post. So, today, I got out my trusty Thesaurus and under the word "stuff" I found "twaddle". I kind of liked how it sounded...thus, my post title for today.


The day started slowly as I awoke, looked in the mirror, and determined that I looked very much like the "before" picture in a make-over. *groan*

After getting over that shock, I began to use my newest toy: an electric toothbrush! It was recommended by my dentist's hygienist the other day when I went for my routine cleaning. She has been recommending it to all of her, I went and purchased one. It is the Oral B Triumph and I must admit--it is pretty cool. It times the toothbrushing for two minutes....and displays a happy face when the time is done. It also has sensors that let you know if you are brushing too hard which can be bad for your gums. The only problem that I am having with it so far is when the hard plastic part of the brush is vibrating and it touches my teeth before the brush does. I feel like it rattles my entire mouth! I-I-I/ g-g-g-u-e-s-s-s/ t-t-t-h-a-a-t/ I-I-I/ w-w-w-i-l-l-l/g-g-g-e-t-t-t/ u-u-s-e-d/t-t-t-o/ i-t-t!


Heading down to breakfast, I still found myself a bit bleary as I tried to turn on the tv with my telephone handset. (Not the first time that I have attempted that!) And, so my day began.


Temperatures in Birmingham have been in the 90's lately- so my outside walks have been replaced by the treadmill which is located in the air-conditioning house. Ahhh. The heat has really been pretty unbearable...especially since it is only mid June. I can't wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store for us...


I went to get my hair cut and colored in the afternoon...I always have the best time with my hairdresser, Caroline. I moan and groan about the wrinkles on my face and the extra skin on my neck...and, she laughs at me.

There are just too many mirrors in a beauty parlor! And, I think that the lighting should be toned down a bit. : )

I always bring her the same picture of me that was taken after she gave me the very best haircut in the world. When she saw it today she laughingly told me that she wants me to put the picture on a mug for her Christmas gift this year.

Be careful what you wish for, Caroline!

I'm just saying...


I don't know how many of you out there tune in to "So You Think You Can Dance", but, I think that it is hands down one of the best shows out there right now.

These young kids are so incredibly talented as they dance as predetermined couples to all different types of dance styles. It is totally entertaining and, many times I find myself moved to tears with some of the more emotional dances.

I find it pretty amazing to watch..and, I highly recommend it.


Off to make dinner. Dave will be here soon...... : )



pheromone girl said...

I love the haircut story. I have a lot of hair and it's long so when a good trim turns up, I often have photos taken so I can harass my hairdresser into getting it right the next time. Alas, it never works.... but I like the Christmas present idea!

Winifred said...

Yes that haircut story is a good one.

I tried an electric toothbrush once but it set my teeth on edge and seemed to reach every nerve so I gave up.

I can't imagine what temperatures in the nineties are like. Think I would die. You have some energy going on a treadmill, think I would head for the pool!