Sunday, July 12, 2009

Chocolate and Me----a dangerous combination

I adore chocolate...creamy, rich, decadent chocolate. The kind that you put on your tongue and it slowly melts away. Nothing fancy, just basic milk chocolate.

Unfortunately, I have found that when I bring chocolate into my life I cannot do without it. I think about my next piece as soon as I have finished the first. It is an addiction of the cruelest kind.

After denying myself of this treat for several weeks, I realized that I missed my fix of chocolate terribly. So, I decided to purchase some Hershey's chocolate know the ones with the little rectangles marked out on the bar inside.

I made a pact with myself to only eat 6 of the rectangles a day. That is half of a bar. I am hoping that this deal that I am making with myself works out better than the M & M arrangement. I tried counting out 10 M & M's a day...but, ended up eating 10 several times a day! I had to go to M & M rehab for that one...

I try to savor each and every piece as slowly and methodically as I can. Sometimes I can't help myself and I find that I am crazily chewing it...but, I am working on that. : )

So far, so good. It has been one week and I have managed to enjoy this little bit of chocolate heaven without all of the guilt and calories.

Just a few more hours and it will be Monday and I can enjoy my next 6 pieces.