Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Grammie got "mammied"

I started my day with my annual mammogram. It is not something that I look forward to by any stretch of the imagination (!)...but, I am so grateful that I live in a time that any possibilities of breast cancer can be spotted sometimes even before they are felt.

I have always been an advocate for being responsible for one's own health. I believe that we all know our bodies the best and can tell when things aren't quite "right". I see going to the doctor regularly as a partnership....a way to practice wellness together. Preventive medicine just makes so much more sense to opposed to waiting for something to go wrong.

I know that women are much more likely to do this than our male counterparts....and, that drives me crazy. I still haven't figured out men's hesitancy to go for regular check ups and tests. Good health is the most important thing in life...without it everything becomes much more, why not do everything in our power to take care of ourselves?

Please go and have your mammies temporarily "smashed" each year and stay on top of your health!

(My doctor called me this afternoon and let me know that the mammogram was normal...that's always good to hear!) : ) ****************************************************************************

I also had my bone density test done today. I do this every two years in that most insurance companies will not pay for it yearly!

Last time that I was tested I had the beginning signs of osteopenia which indicated that my bones were starting to show some thinning. After that comes osteoporosis which can be a serious issue-- especially for women as we age (groan). I am genetically predisposed to this condition so I have been anticipating this in my future.

The phone call from my doctor this afternoon affirmed my fears in that my bones have shown more signs of thinning since my last test. We are going to discuss it all at my yearly exam next Wednesday. I am guessing that she will put me on some type of med to help build up the density of my bones. I do exercise and take calcium and vitamin D, this can be a bit frustrating...but, I am anxious to begin working on reversing things--or, at least stopping them from worsening.


While driving home from dinner one night at the beach this past weekend, the sunset was absolutely gorgeous. It was one of those skies that had shades of blue, pink, yellow, orange and some purple vividly displayed.

With my camera on hand (always) I snapped some photos...first from the pier at the restaurant and then from the car. I thought that it was pretty clever to take one of the rear view mirror...unfortunately, what I imagined wasn't quite as good as the final result. Here they are:

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pheromone girl said...

Good news about the mammie. Aren't they fun?

I'm sory about the bone density results. Fortunately, there are some really great things that can be done to slow it down. No falling!!

Beautiful sunset photo. I wish I was sitting there...

Big hugs for taking good care of yourself!