Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Heading to the beach!!!

Thursday morning Dave and I will be heading down to the Gulf Coast for a long weekend of hopefully beautiful sunshine, great food, and relaxation. Ahhhhhh.

Now, being pretty optimistic by nature, I don't want to prejudge the weather situation...however, all of the weather maps seem to be indicating high percentages of rain and storms while we are there. But, I know better than to panic about that this early on...as we all know that these are just "forecasts" and they can change at any moment.


Well, I am trying to begin packing some of the things that we will need to take with us. My thinking is being categorized into two groups: One if the weather is good...and, two, if the weather is bad.

So, here goes my list making:

Good Weather List

1.) sunscreen 2.) sunglasses 3.) aloe vera lotion in case of sunburn 4.) lip protector chapsticks 5.) bathing suits (string bikinis ha! Who am I kidding? I'll be packing my Grandma "miracle" suits that make it hard to breathe, but make you look 10 lbs. thinner!) 6.) cover ups (in case the "miracle suits" don't work) 7.) beach towels 8.) beach games 9.) sun hats 10.) lots of bottled water 11.) trashy books and magazines to read while laying in the sun 12.) fruit and other snacks 13.) sleeveless tops and shorts 14.) beach blanket 15.) chairs 16.) beach umbrella 17.) flip flops 18.) portable radio 19.) container for shell collecting 20.) camera for snapshots of the beautiful sunsets

Bad Weather List

1.) Lots of wine and beer.