Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunshine, scenery and seafood...

(This was written yesterday...but, I was too tired to finish it....we are home now....more to come tomorrow after a good night's sleep in my own bed...) Despite the dire warnings of the weathermen....nary a drop of rain fell on us this weekend! In fact, the weather couldn't have been nicer...

Early this morning Dave and I took another long bike ride throughout this gorgeous complex. We followed the curved bike trails that went winding around the many lakes and well-kept grounds.... riding along the beautiful golf courses ...through the neighborhoods....and, down to the bay areas.

As we passed joggers or walkers out for a stroll... I would warn them by saying: "Crazy bikers coming through--watch out!". And, believe me, they got out of the way...and had a good laugh at us they saw the two of us careening by them.

Dave kept moaning and groaning that I was wearing him out...but I explained that with all of the eating that we were doing...this exercise was a necessity!

Then it was on down to the beach carrying our umbrellas, chairs, beach bags, towels, and a cooler. We found our perfect spot and settled in for a while. It was so relaxing with the warm sunshine mixed with the cool Gulf breezes!

Talking about breezes...I brought a kite along with us and we went and flew it down the beach. It went right up and began to soar high above the high rise condos. (I took some pictures that I will have to post at a later time in that I didn't bring my camera/computer connector.) Once we had it flying where we wanted it....we handed it over to a little boy who was watching us. We gave it to him to enjoy and keep it flying!

The Gulf was really lovely...clear and refreshing. I had a good time laughing at Dave as he attempted to "ride" the waves in...(Don't tell him that I said so, but, he wasn't very adept at doing this!)

And, neither was I. : )

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pheromone girl said...

It sounds marvelous!! Welcome back with a pocket full of memories!