Thursday, July 16, 2009


We got an early start this morning and headed down that long highway to the beach...only making two stops....first "Peach Park" in Clanton, Alabama, to get some home grown produce....and then on down the road to gas up and buy a delicious bar-b-que sandwich at this little shack in the parking lot of a gas station! It was recommended to us by a friend...and it was wonderful. I got the chicken and Dave got the pork...and as we drove away all we could say was "Mmmmmm, this is good!"

We arrived in Destin around noon...called to see if our condo was ready....and we were told that it would be around one-ish...soooo, we headed to one of the local places for some lunch. It is open air and sits right on the beach...other than the fact that my hair immediately went into "frizz mode" was lovely sitting there and viewing the Gulf. A couple of beers,oysters on the half shell and a fried oyster sandwich....and, we were stuffed.

We arrived at the condo and began to unload the back of the car which was filled with four days worth of necessities! It was laughable. as it took two whole luggage racks to get it all up to our room.

Once we were settled in, we headed down to the beach. First we had to gather together all of our stuff....umbrellas, chairs, backpacks, towels, reading materials, and a cooler filled with cold drinks. We were lucky that we made it down there before the sun went down!

Once down there, we settled into our chairs and both of us let out a big "sigh" as we relaxed in the warm sunshine and felt the cooling Gulf breeze.

Around six o'clock we headed back up to the condo and had a fabulous meal of fresh Gulf shrimp, red snapper, salad and warm bread.

As day one at the beach ends...I feel a sense of calm coming over me....can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!


pheromone girl said...

Thank you so much for sharing from such a wonderful place!

I am so happy you've taken the time to share! Call me when you're home and settled.


Granny Annie said...

Oh if only I could stowaway in one of your travel bags! It sounds lovely.

Beverly said...

I always love to stop for peaches and son knew exactly where to go this year. He has only been going there for 30 something years with his mama....