Monday, July 20, 2009

The Beach (continued)

View from our patio on the fourth floor.... : )

Now that I am home again I can really appreciate what it means to "get away from it all". Nothing to do but decide when to head down to the beach, which bathing suit to wear and what to put in the cooler...


I brought a kite down to the beach without telling Dave. It was just a $2 Spiderman kite from Walmart...but, I couldn't wait to fly it on the beach. I just love the feeling of holding the wooden string holder and feeling the tug of the kite as it climbs higher and higher.

Dave was a bit skeptical, but quickly joined me as we got the kite up and watched it go high above the top floor of the condo.

Suddenly, we were little kids again for a few wondrous moments...

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pheromone girl said...

There is something so special about unwinding that string, feeling the wind catch it, maybe running in the sand a bit until it's aloft - magical!!