Sunday, February 28, 2010

Those of us who did not ride wore our homemade t-shirts and pom-poms and became the cheerleaders for the cylists! I do believe that we worked almost as hard as the riders as we cheered them on!!! We danced and pranced around the cyclists like we were teenagers again. (Unfortunately, we had to take our 60+ year old bodies home with us afterwards....*groan* Well, that's what they make Tylenol for, isn't it???!?)

The group of us were made up of Carole, Sharon, Cathy and me...and, wearing the scarf is our beautiful friend, Sherri! She named her group the "Rainbow Riders" we honored them by wearing our rainbow ribbons on our teal "Team Sherri" t-shirts.

Amazing what a little black glitter and glue can do!