Saturday, March 06, 2010


My friend had it right.

My general feeling of being "out of sorts" these last few days is a direct result of the mess that I am having to live with since the downstairs "Flood of 2010" (!).

I'm the kind of person who needs order in my surroundings to feel comfortable within myself. And, my house right now is anything but in order!

Paint cans are all over the place, items are piled high on anything that will hold them to keep them off of the ripped-away floor, a commode is still sitting in the middle of my studio, my pottery supplies are stuck in places where I may never find them again, the workmen's empty cups here and there, window treatments are down, dust everywhere....and, the strong smell of newly painted walls all throughout the house.

My downstairs is my workplace. It is the area of the house where I explore my creative spirit. It is my sanctuary of sorts where I keep everything having to do with my pottery business....and, it is all in disarray at the moment. Thus, I am in disarray. : O

So, as I sit here writing in my blog this morning....I am feeling quite discombobulated (love that word!)...and, I am thinking that a nice long walk in the fresh air outside might be just what I I will end here and do just that! : )

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Beverly said...

I KNOW you will be happy when this is all odne.