Sunday, March 28, 2010

My blogging world is full of so much joy, friendship, and love.......along with occasional sadnesses.

Today's post is about an incredibly brave young woman named Eva Markvoort who has been in the fight of her life as she has battled the cystic fibrosis that she was born with....but struggled the most with in the last four years.

I found out about Eva through another blog that I frequently visit...and, I began to follow her story. She amazed me with her huge heart and inner (and outer) beauty. Her fire red hair framed this gorgeous 26 year old's pale ivory face and one couldn't help but notice the brightly adorned red lipstick on those smiling lips.

After a double lung transplant, she was okay for a while...until she found herself back in the hospital as her body rejected the new lungs and she was in need of another transplant. Waiting and waiting...getting weaker and weaker....but, always finding time to write on her blog...whether it was her incredible poetry, fun videos, or happy photos with the people she loved....(and, who loved her dearly)...Because she was too weak to finish going to class to get her college degree, she was awarded an honorary degree from the her hospital room.

Her hospital room walls were covered with hundreds of messages from people all over the world...people whose lives she had touched. She gave encouragement to others with cystic fibrosis and crusaded for a well as organ donations.

I stayed on Eva's journey with her and, even though we hadn't ever met, I felt a closeness to her. Her optimism and hopefulness kept me feeling reassured that she would ultimately win this very tough battle. Adding to this faith were her words of appreciation and "love, love, love" (her words) for life and the people around her from family to friends to caretakers....

Though in tremendous pain and barely able to breathe, she always dreamt of better things and a couple of days before her death she wrote the following on her blog -

"...waves of nausea lulling out into

hours of sleepiness once the meds have hit

leaving me daydreaming about stepping out of this room

just getting up

free of tubes and plugs

and walking out the door

pushing open doorways

skipping down the street

breathing free


Unfortunately, Eva's love and determination were not enough to give her the strength needed to survive.... and at 9:30 a.m. yesterday, she passed away.

I will so miss the inspirational posts of this wonderful young woman who leaves behind such an incredible legacy. I have learned so many lessons from her loving spirit.

Eva, may you be breathing freely now as you rest in peace...