Thursday, April 15, 2010

Please don't rub me the wrong way....!

I had a massage today.

I have only had two others in my lifetime...and this one was part of the Valentine's "package" that sweet Dave got me at a local day spa.

In anticipation of the massage, I got up early.... took a very long shower and shaved my legs like I was planning on meeting a "lover"! What was I thinking? It was just a massage...but, I guess that I was a little anxious (!)...

The place was so serene and lovely...the fragrances from the candles greeted me first... and then the peaceful music that was piped in everywhere. I just needed to relax and enjoy...

Kevin called me into the room, told me to disrobe and then to lay down under the sheet on the table with my head down into the little padded "head holder". Then he left me alone. When he returned, I was all ready to begin.

Or, so I thought.

As he started to knead my back, he kept telling me to "relax". I guess that he could feel my stress in the knotted back and neck muscles. I couldn't seem to get "in the moment" as I found my mind wandering in a million different directions.

"I haven't had many massages," I said, lifting my head up from the contraption that was holding it up.

"I could tell," he said...(probably smirking at this point).

In my nervousness, I began to chat with him about muscles, staying in shape, and aging. He probably never gave a massage to someone who talked so much...but, he was very nice and continued to do his thing while we talked.

When he got to my feet I thought that I was going to laugh out loud as I am very ticklish...but, I tried to focus and not embarrass myself anymore than I already had.

When he rubbed my neck he also went up into my hair leaving it quite greasy from the oil that he had on his hands. I kept wondering what I would look like when he finished with me.

"Relax" he said, again.

I tried, I really tried. I began concentrating on the soothing music and the warm oils that he was using. I took several deep breaths and thought to, this is getting kind of nice. Ahhhh.

"OK, we're done," he said.

My hour was up....

....just as I was starting to finally relax...


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Granny Annie said...

No,no,no, I keep telling my sister when she mentions gifting me with a massage. She absolutely loves to go to the spa. No, I cannot do it. Guess you should get a medal or something.