Wednesday, April 21, 2010

View from the top.....

This is what one sees while looking out the massive windows at one of my "Girlie-friends" home. In the distance is a view of our fair city, Birmingham. This awe-inspiring sight was enjoyed last Saturday night as a group of us gave an anniversary party for some close friends.

It was a fun night celebrating friendship and love as we honored this couple's 40 years together. It has been a marriage filled with many, many, wonderful joys while peppered with some difficult all married couples experience. What is worth celebrating is the commitment and love that have survived these dips in the road...coming out on the other side as an inspiration and tribute to the power of working on a relationship and staying together.

I sometimes think that young couples do not put this same amount of "work" into their relationships these days. Divorcing is the easy way out when things get a little tough. Young, fractured families are becoming more of a norm than ever before.

Having gone through my own divorce 9 years ago (after 31 years of marriage) at the ripe old age of 53, I can understand that sometimes separation and divorce may be the only option....but, I do feel that this decision should not ever be made lightly...especially in a young marriage. Breaking up a family can be extremely painful for all involved....and, the effects are so far-reaching.

So, I see this beautiful view, from my friend's home, as a bit symbolic of a marriage and relationships. Keep looking out at what lies ahead of you.... with all of it's incredible promise, hopes and dreams. Appreciate the history that you are making with your partner now as you build your future together. If you are looking in the same direction together through life's ups and, inevitable, downs...the view can be amazingly breathtaking.....even when the sun goes down...