Wednesday, May 05, 2010

As the rain came down in Louisville on Saturday...

...we all sat comfortably dry in Lexington at Dave's friends' home...the guys enjoying their Mint Juleps and keeping a close eye on the Derby goings on....and the women sipping wine and chatting in the other room.

Normally, we would have gone to Keeneland and enjoyed the Derby there...but, the rain was equally as torrential there in, we stayed put.

That being said, we all did decide to write down our bets for the Derby race and have the guys go out and place them for us. Believe it or not, the Keeneland track even has a drive through betting booth...making it quite convenient for its patrons to spend their $$$$.

Meanwhile, back at the house, the Derby programs and various and sundry tip sheets were being studied. Now, I generally go by my gut and dismiss all of that prognastication...but, I did pay attention to the television when they reported that the favored horse---Lookin at Lucky was going to be starting in the gate one position that hadn't seen a winner in over 30 years--the one closest to the fence.

With that in mind, I took note of a dear friend's comments about his choices as the Derby winners: Lookin at Lucky, Super Saver, and Ice Box. I decided to eliminate Lookin at Lucky from my bet and placed a $2 Exacta box bet on #2 (Ice Box) and #4 (Super Saver). For those of you who might not be familiar with the better terms, an exacta box bet means that you are betting that your two numbers will come in either first or second.

So, the race began on the very sloppy track. As I expected, Lookin at Lucky started out in front and quickly moved to the back of the pack due to his unlucky gate position. Miraculously, Super Saver began to move towards the front...and crossed the line first! At this point I realize that I am holding half of the winning combination...however, all of the excitement was focused on the jockey who had now broken a record by winning 3 Derby's in a row...and nothing was said about who came in second.

What seemed like hours went by and finally it was announced that Ice Box had crossed the line in the second spot!!!! My picks had come in first and second...I was a winner!

I excitedly won $152. for that was a great moment....and, a memorable way to end my 2010 Derby experience.

(...and, of course, I thanked my friend, Tony, for his great tips!) : )

Watch out....I'll be back next year!

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