Saturday, May 29, 2010

Empty beach chairs....

Every day the lifeguards set up six chairs and two umbrellas for us. How wonderful to head out to the beach, knowing that this set up was ready and waiting for us. Some days a few of us headed down to sit and enjoy the wonderful Gulf breezes in the shade of the umbrella....A couple of us even ventured out into the water for a swim...but, mostly we would sit and talk about anything and everything...just enjoying our time together.

But, for this photo, I had to be satisfied just taking a picture of the empty chairs...because as the official "photographer" of the beach trip....the rule was that I wasn't to take any bathing suit photos of the Girlies for "publication", you will just have to use your imagination here...and, trust me that the chairs were filled with laughter, relaxation, and, especially, love.