Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My grandchildren went on a vacation and all that they left me with were incredibly joyous memories...

What I learned from Owen and Audrey's visit:

  1. Not reading the newspaper for 6 days can actually be very freeing.
  2. Popping a small piece of bubble wrap can mean 15 minutes of entertainment.
  3. Popping a bubblegum bubble that Grammie blows can bring about a sticky mess...but lots of giggles.
  4. Being first is sometimes very important.
  5. Sharing is a hard, but necessary, part of life.
  6. Everyone needs to be spoiled once in a while.
  7. It's a big world out there and home seems like it is in another country.
  8. Nothing feels better than a great big hug.
  9. If you get an "OW-ey" you can kiss it and blow on it and it will feel okay.
  10. Life is an adventure.
  11. Even though we don't always want to take a nap, we are always happy that we did (and, so is Grammie!).
  12. Taking a bath isn't really that bad if one has enough toys in the tub.
  13. Putting our own sprinkles on a cup full of ice cream is worth having to eat all of our vegetables.
  14. Sometimes one needs to get a little "crazy" and act like a kid.
  15. Everyone should have a "blankie".
  16. The smallest objects can hold the most fascination.
  17. Singing the same song over and over again is okay.
  18. Wearing a t-shirt with a princess on it can make you feel special.
  19. Wearing a t-shirt with a shark on it can be cool if you just saw one at the kids museum.
  20. It is important to have a favorite color and stick with it.
  21. If we put the words "super, duper, pooper" in front of any phrase will bring about laughter.
  22. It's okay to be silly.
  23. Jumping on Grammie's bed is great fun, but jumping on a trampoline is "funner"!
  24. Be nice to everyone because you never know when friends are going to come over and bring you a special toy.
  25. Waking up at 6 a.m. gives you more time to do fun things all day.
  26. Always say your age with a fraction after it.
  27. Being a little older can have its perks.
  28. If you are really, really good before bedtime, you might get to have two books read to you.
  29. If you ask very nicely, you might even get a third.
  30. It's hard to get baby peas on your fork....so, fingers work just as well.
  31. If Grammie gives you an oatmeal cookie, pick out all of the raisins first.
  32. Smiling can keep you out of trouble if you do something that you shouldn't.
  33. Always apologize when you hit your little sister on the head with a big ball.
  34. You can be a Super Hero if you just believe.
  35. If you don't want to eat everything on your plate, just say that your tummy says that it is full....but, it can handle just a little more if it is dessert.
  36. If you are supposed to be painting on a big piece of paper, it is okay to paint your hand. You can always make handprint art and Grammie will hang it up on her wall anyway.
  37. Wonder about everything.
  38. Don't worry if grown-ups cry a little....it just means that they love you with all of their heart and hate to see you go.


Beautifuldreamer said...

What sweet grandkids! Sounds like you had loads of fun with them. Grandkids are the best!

Tabor said...

They sure made you smart!

Granny Annie said...

A spectacular list for publishing in case new grandparents don't have such knowledge. By the way, I am 63 and 11/12ths.

Susan Adcox said...

A great lesson learned from grandchildren is to have fun wherever you are and whatever you are doing. For grandchildren, that may mean wearing a princess shirt or taking a bath with a lot of toys. For a grandma, it may be taking a bath with a lot of bubbles and a glass of wine. But the principle is the same!

Susan Adcox said...

Hi, Grammie! I'm the Guide to Grandparents for About.com. Click on my name to see a really cute grandchild photo as part of my Wordless Wednesday feature, and contact me if you would like to have your blog included in my list of "granny blogs." grandparents.guide@about.com

adam said...

Simply beautiful! I'm speechless! This is a keeper post!