Monday, May 24, 2010

A sign that one of the other Girlies is up is when you smell the coffee brewing....

...and, then the day begins.

One by one we each make our way to the kitchen for a cup of coffee....or, a bowl of cereal with some fruit...etc.

It is such a nice way to start the day...

We sit and talk. Some of the talk is light and fluffy...and, then much of it becomes full of emotion as we recount many of the things that have transpired in the last few years.

Two of the six of us have had to deal with cancer and that still weighs heavy on our minds. There have been divorces and challenges that we have dealt with together...helping each other through some rough times.

We discuss our children, grandchildren, and the men in our lives. We talk about our dreams and wishes. We touch upon feelings that linger within each of us.

"Remember when...?" one of us will ask...and then the stories flow.

But, most of all, we speak about the love and admiration that we all have for each other. Some of us are brought to tears...and some of us find laughter in the stories.

But, most of all, our hearts are open to each other and this enduring friendship that we have.

How lucky we are to be a part of this circle of love...

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