Friday, June 25, 2010


Who knew that when I wrote my very first post 4 years ago (!) that I would still be putting my thoughts out there in Blogville?!

I, initially thought that this would just be something that my family could go to for updates on what was occurring with my children. Since we are all scattered around the country, I would post pictures and tell stories that would keep them informed. But, that changed the day that I had my first reader...and, it was someone that I didn't know.

Oh my....other people were going to be reading this, too!

Since that day in June, 2006, I have been on a wonderful journey...and many of you have come along for the ride. As of today, I have had 44,947 page views!

Of course, the most incredible part of my story has been the births of three beautiful and amazing grandchildren: Owen, Audrey, and Celia!! They have made me what I am today...a proud and grateful grandma! : ) Such blessings...

My blog has also introduced me to many new, and fascinating friends. For the most part, these are just everyday people trying to do the best they can in life and honoring me with their stories. I must say that, besides my dear friends and family, two of my most loyal readers who come to visit my page and almost always leave a thoughtful comment behind, are: Granny Annie and Tabor. Thanks, Ladies for your input and interest.

I have written about so many topics and along the way have learned so much about myself. ups, my downs, my joys, my frustrations, my loves, my disappointments, my LIFE as I see it. Blogging has given me wings to express myself... and has been so cathartic and freeing in the process.

So, on this four year Blogger-versary, I must say that I look forward to many more adventures to come.... continuing to pour out my soul in my posts....and, hopefully, leaving some sort of small footprint on this vast world of ours.

I am grateful for this opportunity and hopeful that it will be a legacy of sorts for my children and grandchildren.

Now..... on to my fifth year!

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Granny Annie said...

Happy 4th Blogger-versary! And thanks for the shout out. It is really nice to have a blog friend who knows I'm out here even when I don't comment and vice versa.