Thursday, July 15, 2010


A beautiful little, loveable, bundle of joy arrived in Birmingham last Sunday.

Her name is Maya and she is here visiting with her grandparents (Sharon and Gary aka "Abby" and "Papa G") for three glorious weeks!

I know that I normally only brag about my own incredible (!) grandkids....but, Maya just continues to amaze and astound me so much that I decided to make her the subject of my post today.

Maya has always been a unique child with an unbelievable personality and zest for life. The minute one meets her they are immediately charmed by this adorable (almost) 6 year old's spirited energy and cuteness. She loves to do anything having to do with arts and crafts....and, is amazingly good at creating wonderful artistic treasures...some of which she gave out as gifts today that I am now fortunate enough to have in my possession!

It shouldn't come as any surprise that Maya loves to entertain...and, today was no exception. A few friends were invited over to see Maya's puppet show.

When she was over visiting the other day, we made a couple of sock puppets together...and then she went home and made two more with Papa G.--who then helped her convert an old box into a wonderful puppet theatre. Excitement filled the air as the puppet show commenced...

The puppets danced about the "stage" while singing songs about love and happiness...and we were all enchanted...

I can't wait to see what she will do next... : )

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