Thursday, July 22, 2010

The plumber was baffled.... I awaited the heating and air-conditioning technician's arrival. If they can't figure it out, Sear's refrigerator specialist will be here tomorrow between 1 and 5.

"Why?" may ask.

Well, again, I had (dare I say?) a F-L-O-O-D downstairs. (Didn't I say that calmly???)


Going back a few hours.....It all started as I walked back into the house after being gone all morning, I felt a familiar "squish, squish" sound under my feet. And, then I noticed the water that was beginning to fill the carpeting.

I ran into the downstairs bathroom to check it out, since that was where the first flood originated. Nothing wet there. Phew.

I checked out the room where the water heaters and furnace were located. F-l-o-o-d-e-d.

But, where was it coming from? That was the question of the day!

Besides this mess in the downstairs, my refrigerator was making some strange (and loud!) noises the other, I called Sears to come and check it out. They couldn't come until Friday.

However, I had a, I pulled the huge side by side refrigerator away from the wall. F-l-o-o-d-e-d. (I'm beginning to notice a pattern here...)

While I kept thinking that the two floods were connected....the plumber pointed out that the refrigerator was all the way at the other end of the house, one floor above the basement. He couldn't imagine that much water coming all that way. He was convinced that wasn't the source and suggested that I call the air-conditioning people.

So, I did.

They examined the ac unit and cut apart condensation pipes... looking for anything that would cause that large amount of water to soak the carpeting. They also checked out the hot water leaking there.

We were about to give up...but, I again mentioned the refrigerator upstairs.

I saw a light go off in his head as he asked me if the ac intake vent was anywhere near the refrigerator.

"YES! YES!" I said, as I dragged him up to the kitchen to check it out. The vent was right next to the refrigerator.

Well, it turns out that, after much inspection, he saw signs of water going down the ac vent. When he followed the course of the vent pipes, he found more signs of water all the way down to the basement.

AHA! I was actually right from the beginning.

But, being right really didn't matter...

I still had to pay both bills...and, tomorrow I will be paying the Sears guy when he, hopefully, fixes the refrigerator...not to mention the mitigation people who will have to set up their heaters and fans to dry everything out... (again)

Doesn't "expertise" count for anything these days???


adam said...

OH NO!!! Unbelievable. i am sooo sorry!

Granny Annie said...

I cannot tell you how I cringed just to read the word F-L-O-O-D in your life again. So not fair.

Grandma Mary said...

I have had a flood in my kitchen 3 times because of the water dispenser. My refrig. is about 15 years old so when I get another one there will be no water dispenser. Be sure you have the metal tubing and not the plastic. I did finally find that out. Good luck.