Saturday, August 14, 2010

A simpler time....

It was a beautiful evening last night in Skaneateles as we headed to a park nestled near a lake to listen to the sounds of the local orchestra playing on the gazebo.

Chairs were scattered about as the music began to play....children danced on the open area right beneath the gazebo....and boats pulled up to the dock so that they could listen to the delightful music coming from the park.

I was sitting right next to Mom as the concert began. I couldn't help but notice her foot tapping to the music as she hummed along...occasionally singing the words of some of the familiar songs. She would pause now and then and relate a story to me of something that she and my dad had done in the past....and, then she would sit back in her chair, sigh,  and just take it all in...immersed in her own private memories of a time long ago.

The whole setting was so wonderful to me as I cherished being a part of this cozy small town event. It brought me back to a simpler time....and I loved every minute of it. So uncomplicated and easy....just a gathering of people....sitting outside in this little park.... enjoying the night and each other.

The night before we had all gone to see a local musical, Meet Me In St. Louis. It, too, told the story of a simpler time....a time when a long distance phone call was an event...and cell phones were non-existent.....a time when it was imperative for the family to sit down to enjoy their dinner together....a time when standing around the piano and singing was the best entertainment.... as there weren't any televisions around yet.....a time when parents were respected and sassiness just wasn't allowed.

While I so appreciate all of our modern day conveniences....there was something so comforting about looking back at those simpler times....and, enjoying being a part of them...even if it was just for one evening at the park....or a few hours at the theater. 

I think that I might have enjoyed living back then...

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Grandma Mary said...

I wish I could have been there, Thanks for sharing.
Grandma Mary