Wednesday, September 22, 2010

94 degrees=Fall ??...and, other stuff.

Fall begins at 10:09 tonight.


It might be on the calendar....but, Mother Nature hasn't gotten the memo yet!
I had two appointments today; the cardiologist and an x-ray of my hip area.

...won't know the results of the x-ray for a few days.

The cardiologist was very thorough and explained my heart palpitations, etc.  It all turns out to be nothing terrible, but, something to keep an eye on through the years.  He was very pleasant as he described what was going on inside of my chest and showed me the Holter monitor results.  Some of the medical jargon went right over my head...but, I tuned in to the key words like: "this looks normal", "commonly occurs in women your age" (what?!?!?).

It really caught my attention when we talked about drinking wine.  I asked if it could exacerbate my palpitations.  The answer was "yes". He said that the key word here was moderation, moderation, moderation.  All things in moderation...yada yada yada. 

...not great timing to be told this as I get ready to head to wine country on my California trip in a few weeks.
: O
I had to laugh as I went to park in the hospital parking deck this morning.  I watched as a woman made her way to her car.  It was a great spot, so I pulled over to the right (she was parked on the left), turned on my left turn signal. and waited for her to back up.

She was taking her time doing this, so cars began to line up behind me.  I waved them on to come around me until she began to back up ....and, they did.

However, one gentleman (well, not really a gentleman) went by me and angrily screamed at the top of his lungs: "GET OUT OF THE STREET!"

I ignored him...parked my car...and walked over to the elevator to take me into the building.

He ended up in the elevator with me!

It was the quietest elevator ride that I have ever taken....
I think that I may have nighttime "critters" in my backyard again.

Not only have they (or it) emptied my bird feeder continually, but they have also begun to knock my hummingbird feeder off of the hook where it is hanging....thus leaving spilled, red sugar water all over the place.

I am thinking that it might be a raccoon, again.  It might be time to borrow my neighbors trap again. (It only captures them into the harm is done to them.)

The whole thing gives me the "willies".

Stay tuned.
I am awaiting some news from my daughter-in-law's brother.  His wife went into labor today as they are expecting their first child, a little girl!

I still remember my first pregnancy and birth like it was yesterday....even though it was 36 years ago.

Somethings just remain etched in our memories forever...
Happy Autumn fellow bloggers....don't get out those jackets quite yet though.... : )

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