Sunday, October 10, 2010

I spent time in prison today....

Yep.  I went to Alcatraz this afternoon.

After a quick boat ride to this amazing island in the middle of the bay, we arrived at the world's most famous penitentiary.

We took the audio tour with eerie sound effects and interesting stories as we wandered around this relic.  Fascinating! I walked into actual prison cells including solitary....and, learned about attempted escapes.

Heading back home on the boat, we were treated to another hour of the Blue Angels....with the planes doing dips and dives over our heads.  The bay was filled with sailboats and other larger vessels...pretty amazing sight.
But, I must tell about my morning.

We had heard about an incredible place to go for breakfast while in San Fran.  It was called "Dotties"...and, we thought that it was just a stones throw from our hotel.

So, we headed out early this morning walking our way to this place.

After a few minutes we saw a huge hill before us.  You know, one of those famous unbelievable hills that San Francisco is known for. Dave saw what was ahead and said that he was going to go and get the car at the hotel.  Being the stubborn person that I am....I told him that I wanted to continue to walk and that I would meet him at Dotties.

So, I walked.

And, walked.

UP hills the likes of which I haven't ever seen before.

My heart was racing like crazy....but, I kept going.  After all, I walk some hills in Birmingham without any problem.

But, these were not Birmingham hills.  These were mountains!!!!!!

How crazy was I?  What was I trying to prove??

Dave called me on my cell and let me know that he was on his way with the car.  Of course, by then I was 3/4 of the way, I kept on walking.....and walking....and walking....!

When he stopped to see if I wanted to get in the car, I said that I could just walk these last two blocks.

Big mistake. By then I was quite exhausted but my pride won out.

Finally arriving at Dottie's, there was a line a mile long.  I guess that we weren't the only ones who had heard about this place.  It was just a little hole in the to seat just a few at a time.  But, the blueberry pancakes, I thought to myself...!  Oh, how good they would taste.

But, the people ahead of us said that it was going to be about a two hour wait.

We left and went back to the hotel, left the car, and walked across the street to a little neighborhood breakfast spot.

It was absolutely delicious. : )


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