Monday, October 04, 2010

My bra is on display today!

This is one of those....."now that I've got your attention" titles! : )

The truth is that one of our local stores is turning "pink" this month for breast cancer awareness and several designers and artists were asked to design a bra. The decorated bras will be on display in the store for the month of October and patrons can vote for their favorite. Each vote will cost one dollar with all of the money going to breast cancer research.

Not wanting to "compete" with some of the well-known designers, I decided to do what I know best: pottery. So, I hand-built my bra out of clay.... placing hearts all over it....some with textures and some plain. I then stamped the word "hope" in one of the hearts and painted the whole thing in different shades of pink. The word "cure" was stamped and dangling from the center section hearts. I wired the whole thing together, made ribbon straps...and, it was ready to go.

When I walked into the store with it, my dear friend and breast cancer survivor was being interviewed and photographed  by our local  newspaper. She will be hosting the "Celebration of Life" event at the store coming up on the 21st of this month.  It is being held on her birthday and she is using that special day to honor her cancer doctors and to raise money (and, awareness) for breast cancer research.

I was quite excited when the photographer ended up taking a photo of my clay bra! I was then interviewed by one of the paper's writers....only to find out that this will all be part of an article in this Sunday's paper!!

So, I guess that I can now say that I had my bra "published"!

(I mean, really,, how many women can say that?!)

: )


Anonymous said...

If they are giving prizes for this, you should win 1st prize!! You did a fantastic job, and are very talented.


Granny Annie said...

You are beyond awesome!