Thursday, October 14, 2010

This gorgeous flower was right outside of our San Francisco hotel...., I just had to take a picture of it.

I am still flying high from our trip out West.  What a beautiful (and bustling!) city that is. 

Since I have already posted most of the trip stories in previous posts, I will just be putting some photos on my blog in the next few days.  That way you can match up the photos with the stories... : )
Yesterday was in incredibly touching day.  I was glued to the television most of the day watching each of the Chilean miners freed from their home for the last two + months.  Each one had a different story and role within the group of 33 trapped men.

I had tears in my eyes as I got to see a miraculous ending to a disastrous event firsthand.  The way our world is now, we can view these amazing events when they are actually happening.  It is truly captivating to watch the strength of the human spirit to survive.

Of course, it wasn't without some humor (?) as one wife continued to see another woman waiting for her husband.  She found out that she was, indeed, her hubby's mistress.  So, yesterday, the wife stayed home while the mistress was there to greet him.  One of the newscasters commented that the gentleman having the affair might want to go back down in the mine for a bit!
Unfortunately, my day today was spent at a funeral where a friend had to bury his mother.

As I stood there listening to the beautiful eulogies given by some family members, I realized how burdensome this particular time of our lives is. So many of us are having to face losing our parents, and it is so hard.

I watched as this friend's family gathered....the children of the deceased, their children....and grandchildren. 
As a child, one never really thinks of being without their parents.  As an older adult, it is a truth that we must be prepared to face.

Today brought back many memories of my dad's funeral not too long ago.  All of the sadness came right back to me as I felt the loss once again.  I find myself thinking about him all of the time.  Many times I will "talk" to him when I want to share something that has happened to me.  I am hopeful that he is hearing my thoughts and words...

The cycle of life....I wasn't really prepared for this to be so difficult....but, then, who is?

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