Saturday, October 02, 2010

We got PINKED!

The video above was of the "Flash Mob" that some of the Girlies and I participated in today. (I am the one in the pale purple jacket in the video.)

We have been rehearsing for this "big moment" for the last couple of weeks and finally today we did our thing at one of the local malls in the food court.

The whole thing was to raise awareness for breast cancer and it was put together by the local Breast Cancer Research Foundation here in Birmingham.

To say that we have had such fun doing this would be an understatement!  We have laughed and laughed as we "seniors" of the group tried to learn the dance moves.  A few bobbles here and there, but I really think that we did a pretty good job....and, it was for a very good cause!

Time for a nap!  : )

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