Sunday, November 21, 2010

The call came at 5:45 a.m........... was my youngest son, Jeffrey, calling from the hospital. 

I quickly recovered from my grogginess as he announced that he and Janet were now proud parents of a little baby BOY!

It seems that little Dylan Elias decided to make his appearance two weeks earlier than his due date!!!

So, weighing in at 6 lb. 1 oz. and 19 inches newest grandson has arrived.  Mom, Dad, and baby are all doing well and Grammie couldn't be more excited to welcome grandbaby #4 to the family.

Big sister, Celia, will be thrilled to meet her new little brother....and, I can't wait to fly up there and hug them all.

Such joy!!!

: )


Tabor said...

Congratulations on this for all of you! I am sure you are beyond happiness.

Granny Annie said...

What a great balance -- two boys two girls! Congratulations Grammie. Can't wait for you to show us his handsome face. We know your Thanksgiving will be full of gratitude.