Thursday, November 11, 2010

morning cups

Every morning at the beach, the Girlies slowly awake and one by one the coffee/tea drinking begins.

 If I am still in bed and  smell the wonderful aroma of the fresh brewed coffee, I smile..... knowing that someone else is up.

And, so the day begins...

Before heading down on the trip this time, I decided to make mugs for everyone. I didn't have time to start them from scratch, so instead, I painted already glazed cups for each Girlie. I put the Gulf waves at the bottom...added a sun and, finally, a cloud with sunglasses and a smile.  Each one was personalized with their name....and a message on the back says: "Friends are the sunshine of life... Destin 2010".

When our trip together is over, we will still have a memento of our incredible time together.... a mug filled to the brim with memories.  : )

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Granny Annie said...

No more treasured gift than a personalized coffee cup.