Friday, November 26, 2010

I guess that you could call this the "Thanksgiving That Wasn't".....?

It all started a year ago when my kids all decided to come to Birmingham for Thanksgiving 2010.  Then, months later.... the wonderful news came out that Jeffrey and Janet were expecting a baby around the first of a late November trip was out of the question. Instead, I got them all for Labor Day this year- which was great fun!

When my dear friends heard that we were going to be alone this Thanksgiving, they immediately invited us to their home to share the holiday with all of their kids and grandkids.  I prepared the cranberry sauce, some re-stuffed baked potatoes and a big platter of homemade cookies.  They were doing everything else.

Earlier in the day we found out that two of the grandchildren were not feeling well....they both had a virus and had been running a fever off and on.  The oldest one even threw up.

Well, knowing that I was going to be heading to D.C. soon to see my newest grandbaby, I had my concerns about spending the evening there with a virus bug going, a decision was made not to go. : (

This was not to be a "bust" though in that Gary (the husband and chief cook!) said that he would prepare a Thanksgiving platter for me and Dave and bring it over as soon as the 28 lb. turkey was cooked.  Unfortunately, by the time the bird decided to reach the correct temperature (!), it was getting late and the sky had opened up with a torrential downpour!  I called and told him not to worry about coming over...that we would just make do with what I had here and we could taste their turkey another time.

So, I heated up some of the stuffed potatoes....put a little cheese on top and that was pretty much our Thanksgiving meal.  A friend had dropped a pecan pie over to take with, a piece of that with a scoop of ice cream was enjoyed by Dave.

Not a typical meal, but one that will be remembered in the years ahead..... : )

(As a post script to all of this....later on that evening, our sweet friend drove over with a bottle of wine and a platter filled with all kinds of Thanksgiving delicacies.  I gave him the potatoes, cranberry sauce and cookies which they can all enjoy today....and, Dave and I will have a wonderful "Thanksgiving lunch" this afternoon while watching the big football game....turkey, dressing, etc. etc.  However, we will probably pass on the stuffed potatoes!)  : O

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Susan Adcox said...

Flexibility is an important attribute to have whenever dealing with family, holidays, and kids who never met a germ they didn't like!