Friday, December 31, 2010

Saying Good-bye to 2010

"Celebrate endings - for they precede new beginnings." Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Is the year really coming to an end already?  Where did the months go?
Looking back, it has really been an interesting year...filled with a little bit of everything.

There's no question that it was an expensive year as I dealt with two floods in my home, replacing carpeting, flooring, re-doing paint and fixing soggy walls. My house began to show its age as I found myself having to replace some major items such as the furnace, heater and air-conditioner, washer and dryer, etc. etc. And, then there was the need to purchase a new car as I watched my old Jeep begin to break down little by little.

But, there was so much good to overtake the negatives....

My family tops the list: My children continue to amaze me as they each pursue their jobs and become more successful with each passing year.  They manage their homes and their children with relative ease as they  both find themselves as "two-working parent" households.  

They also bring me so much pleasure as I watch them in their roles as Mommies and Daddies.  They may not do things as I did in the "good old days" (ha!) -but, what they do seems to be working out just fine.  Times change, and so does child rearing and I look on with great admiration as both boys and their wives take on parenting so well. 

I feel such an incredible sense of joy and fulfillment when I look at my beautiful, healthy and, of course, brilliant, grandchildren!!!  : )

Being a Grammie to these four is a blessing that is hard to describe.  I am getting to see life again through a child's eyes.  I can feel their sense of wonderment with the world that they are just beginning to experience and it is awesome.

Four year old Owen is finding great pleasure in drawing and is showing some real talent as an artist.  Since this is one of my passions, I am thrilled beyond belief to share this with him. He reminds me so much of myself when I was younger...I can still remember the joy that I felt when I received my first "John Gnagi" art set.  It was filled with crayons, chalks, pencils, paper and an instruction book that took me through the steps to make a drawing.  Other than playing with the neighborhood kids, I remember wanting to do art more than anything else...and, I love seeing that in my grandson. He also has the kindness and sweetness inside just like my son (his Dad) well as the ability to turn into a "Super Hero" at a moment's notice!

Two year old Audrey is such a "pistol"....I love her spirit and enthusiasm.  After spending some time with Audrey this month when they were down in Florida, Mom called to tell me how much Audrey reminded her of me when I was that age.  She is pretty much non-stop motion and full of joy.  Audrey loves dressing up in anything "Princess".....and, that is how you can find her most of the time wearing layers of tutu's or Cinderella pajamas. She is talking so much these days and seems very advanced in so many things.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for her as she continues to amaze me.

Oh, and that Celia!!!  After just having spent 9 days with this adorable, curly-haired two year old whirlwind, I found her so much fun to be with!  She made us all laugh constantly as she imitated our words and actions.  She danced around the room with abandon as she played music on her little "cd player" or her stuffed bear that sings the "ABC's".  I will never worry about her as she goes through life for this little cutie has a mind of her own and I love that! She, too, loves being a Princess as she picks out her own clothing every day to usually include a frilly skirt, headband, and, a bracelet or two!  I loved watching her go to her "accessory" drawer to pick out something special to wear.

My latest blessing is Dylan, who was born in November.  I felt such contentment just holding this precious addition to our family, watching his every move, and listening to his little coos.  Being with him took me back to the time when I was a new mom many, many years ago.  I think about the world that he will be growing up into....and see his future filled with so many possibilities.

My mom seems to have adapted well to "The Home" as I listen to her funny tales of her new friends.  My three sisters seem to be doing well.... and we will all be together in January to celebrate my youngest sister's 11th year of breast cancer survival!

My friendships are strong and meaningful as we share each other's joys....and hold on to each other during the rough times.  Two of the Girlies are cancer survivors...and we are all celebrating their good health.  We all have grandchildren to well as many pictures and stories to share as we all go through life together.

So, as I look back on the past year, my heart is overflowing with joy, love, and gratefulness for all of the blessings in my life....with so much to look forward to.

Happy, healthy New Year!!  
May 2011 be a good one for us all! 


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Granny Annie said...

It has truly been a pleasure to share your life this past year. The love you express over your grandchildren is thrilling. The love you share with Dave and your mom and your children plus the compassion you have for close friends and their life events is inspirational. You ability to overcome obstacles sets a good example for all. HNY to you and yours Grammie:)