Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I only have 20 minutes before.......(ta dum!) American Idol starts their new, I will have to type quickly.

Yes, I am probably going to get hooked on this exhausting show again this year.  I just can't seem to stay away.  I guess that I am an Idoloholic?

It will be interesting to see how the new judges do.  I am wondering who will be stepping into Simon's shoes?  Maybe they will all be kind this year to the fledgling stars.

I call it getting "the works"...

Haircut/color and pedicure today as I begin to get ready for my trip next week. 

I am heading down to S. Florida to celebrate my baby sister's 11th year of breast cancer survival!  The Susan G. Komen Walk is taking place on the 29th and she has had the daunting job of co-chairing this ginormous event this year.  So, my other three sisters will be joining me as we show our support and love to this great cause.

Wouldn't it be nice if someday these fundraising walks become unnecessary?
The weatherman did a tease tonight on the news as he mentioned the "chance" of some more snow here in the South.

I stayed glued to the tv and found out that the "chance" is a tiny area up in the northwest corner of our state.

I guess that the station was needing to up their ratings with some enticements...
Again, my great state of Alabama finds itself embarrassed.

Our new Governor, Dr. Robert Bentley, has made national news by making the following statement that..."anybody here today who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, I'm telling you, you're not my brother and you're not my sister, and I want to be your brother."

I took that to imply that the newly elected governor might apply different standards for those Alabama residents who are not Christians....and I found that to be quite bothersome....especially since I am of the Jewish faith.

I have great respect any highly religious people....but, when they are elected by the people to be the leader of my state, I believe that they should use more tact when publicly speaking....and, keep their personal religious views out of it.

He did make an apology on our local tv station's news broadcasts tonight.

He sounded sincerely sorry for his words and I am hopeful that this will not be the start of many misstatements.

Time will tell....
And, speaking of is 7:oo p.m. Central Time and I am off.... : )


Granny Annie said...

Forgive me but I have never seen one single episode of American Idol:) My entire family thinks there is something seriously wrong with me. LOL

It is hard for me to imagine how a Governor could ever justify such comments and will surely be his downfall in a next election. Christian zealots are as dangerous as any other religious zealot and they all scare me.

Beverly said...

So, I've been you like the new judges? I think I do....but, man is Steven Tyler hard for the eyes!!!!